Animals bred for consumption
Know concentration camps
They know the threat of cruelty
The industry it stamps
Its authority and the so called farmers
Really death camp perssonel
Are normally mortgaged up to the eyes
And live their life of hell

Alongside animal angels
With instictive capability
Pre programmed with certain life paths
And to each an ability
But herded into tiny pens
And made to eat and poo
In the same place on the same floor
With the fly blown maggots too

Australia’s iconic souls
Sunlight and blue skies
Each animal can see so much
Just look into their eyes
Crowded like sardines they
Suffer from all sorts of wounds
And sores along the way

Do animals get justice
The holocaust is on
Trillions of them meet their deaths
Whole truckloads of them gone
Beautiful creation
Miracles in fact
Turned to grease and bone and flesh
Do carnivores react?

Seldom its the vegans
That know the angels ways
Chris delforce philip wollen
And others i heap praise
Upon their sweet heart bodies
Upon their darling souls
Who take on the vile meat trade
With the most powerful trolls

Whether food or entertainment
Or clothing all we see
Is animals as victims
Who suffer constantly
Their pain nobody cares about
They become a commodity
And where there is money to be made
They are lost souls tragically

Chickens in the stinking sheds
Unable to turn
Broken wings and busted legs
In their own urine burn
Aquatic ducks their whole lives
Are unlikely to see
Water just imagine that
Man knows best obviously

One week old male calves
Just waste
For that is what they are
Each has a heart a beating heart
Fit for the abattoir
Creation its a miracle
The Meat Trade all they do
Is slaughter
Life for them means nothing
Its the death trade thats their view

Cruelty personified
The conveyor belt to hell
Chicks are sorted females one way
Males crushed up so well
You hear full of chirping life
Promised instinctive joy
But victims of the Egg Trade
Which really does employ

Notoriously evil tactics
And malevolent intent
Creators of adversity
With persecution spent
Often in transporters
Animals really cry
Perhaps they still cant come to terms
Why they have to die

And why they are manhandled
Electric prods are used
Nobody want to go and die
So why are we abused
Still further made to run into
The cutters so that we
Can just become a burger
Chopped and packaged instantly

Chris Delforce new film due out in March 2018


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