Dead zones

They are out there
And are growing
tysons Foods and Smithfield do
Create such vile anomalies
Its what these bastards do
Generating mountains of excrement galore
From all their concentration camps
In their brand new war

Just three per cent of americans
Are veggie
The rest are eating meat like never before
So much slaughter abattoirs are bursting
Animals are dying by the score
Every second of each day throats torn apart
The halal mob are coming best you see
Cows and pigs are butchered for the purpose
Of filling aching guts continuously

The shit and there is so much that they generate
Ends up in the ocean as we know
Tsunami’s of this rancid vile shit mountain
Encouraging great algal blooms to grow
Killing off the real life and replacing
Zones where death is all you will ever see
This is what the carnivore is responsible for
The environmental cancer Now that be

Covering the oceans huge great areas
Where nothing lives or gives
Just death and more
The planets dying
With many victims crying
And shit for brains these moguls create more
Profits in the banks just paper money
Exchanged for the real tyrrany of power
This what its coming to
Our world is crumbling fast
As many are now caught up in the shower

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