Crocodile remember me MR Palmer?

They can live one hundred years
And not eat for one year
Really state of the art design
Once seen most people fear
This prehistoric monster
Clad in armoured scales
With teeth like sharpened daggers
And just as hard as nails.

Not a lot of enemies
A muddy water soul
Can resemble a statue
Whilst in complete control
JOAB never had their patience
Of that I am really sure
Some swim in salt and fresh water
And live on blood and gore

Their hearts are advanced organs
They haven’t changed a bit
Perfect from day one it seems
and nobody to pit
their strength against
They actually never age
Its habitat loss
That kills most of the reptiles
Thats if they cared a toss

Jaguars and leopards
Might actually take one out
But really they are fearless
And so put it about
They sleep with one eye open
All seeing as before
They copulate and lay eggs
And most are now in awe

Except old Water Palmer
The crossbow king of old
He can shoot a collared Lion
In fact on that he is sold
He gets away with murder
And what I would like to see
Is him in charge at Okavanga
Of the croc’s dentistry.

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