Bug eyed alien

Almost unconceived and undiscovered
In many ways an alien of sorts
A phantom of the forest
Hardly ever seen
A primate with a difference
A figment of our thoughts

Great big eyes lustrous
And all seeing Revolving ears
The object being they
Need to catch live insects
Every tiny movement
A long tail too that helps it
On its way

A genuineness primordial
Of purpose
Found on Bohol island
And Mindanao
Perfectly adapted
With very strange long fingers
Rately seen which probably is how

The tarsier has become a real life mystery
As cute a face as you might ever see
Clearly in the ascendancy
Nocturnal hunting methods
A player on the pipes of pan
A singularity

The area has unique hills
And thick jungle
Though tragically we have seen
Slash and burn
Fields of rice have
Come in place of forests
And for many forest dwellers
Times are lean

They do however look just like
An alien
Its their great big brown eyes
That reflect so much
Its like looking into a mirror
A portal to their soul
Everyone who sees them wants to touch

Only found in the Philippines
Secretive and shy
But very adept at catching insects
Really as they fly
Its head can turn 360 degrees
And so its fast
Of catching what ever its after
Which For tarsiers is a blast.

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