Beautiful night(Miyako)

44 years ago
So I hear said
A baby elephant
Torn from its bed
From it family its dreams
Squashed in so many ways
Taken from thailand
To live out its days

In Jaoan of all places
Utsunomiya zoo
A land of concrete
Where biting steel bars
Where Tokyo’s elite
Came to throw food at her
A beautiful night
Their sleight of hand
Just couldnt be right

Utter and dire boredom
Gawped at each day
This glotious female
Has been made to pay
What does japan know
Her anguish her hell
Her sorrow and grief
In this miserable cell

Dismayed and tormented
Neglected all day
Angst-ridden with loneliness
She’s made to pay
For the arrogant stance
Metered out by japan
Zoo’s are an anathema
That we should ban

Plagued by the boredom
Enduring the pain
The terrible memories
Drive her insane
For 44 years sge has wept everyday
Hoping just hoping she could get away

Weeping and wailing
Tears often on view
On these concrete slabs
She must walk very few
Big heavy animals can stand this pain
Out in all weathers even icy rain

Where is the compassion
The uninteresting scene
The touch of the dreary
The humdrum the lean
Times this poor elephant had to endure
A soulless suburban
Without any cure

Miyako a barren enclosure
In Japan.

2 comments on “Beautiful night(Miyako)

  1. Rita Claessens on said:

    Very touching and beautiful. Thank you. Will be sharing.

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    Thankyou Rita its such a shame human beings can sink to such levels to support such do splendid work encouraging people to see the nonsensical plight some now face .

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