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Animals bred for consumption Know concentration camps They know the threat of cruelty The industry it stamps Its authority and the so called farmers Really death camp perssonel Are normally mortgaged up to the eyes And live their life of … Continue reading

Lucent/ Dominion

every pig is a hostage Is a victim of a war That is flourishing in the farmyards Prisoners of gore Very intelligent animals Who Creation held in tow We torture them from day one And our hostility does grow What … Continue reading


A suit of many colours That dear Gaia gave to me It was all about protection And creativity The godliness of ethic The soulfulness of sin In the spirit of each moment And the liability of kin To disrespect another … Continue reading

The faroes

200 miles from Scotland Rugged cliffs proclaim A pardise of seabirds A people who are game To run the ocean gauntlet To drive the pilot whales Whole pods of them onto their beaches To the shallow water trails Idyllic sandy … Continue reading

The Faroes

Standing on the cliffs Looking down into the sea A pod of pilot whales Perfectione And they be Together their immaculateness You can feel their solid joy Wholesome healthy salutary Inside of me that boy Who felt the avid heartache … Continue reading

The faroes and farmed salmon

Shipping farmed salmon to China And talking up the need to kill whales The grind its whose mind, needs looking into Tradition and culture I find There are real shallow excuses Whales live on squid mostly they Dont eat the … Continue reading

THe Faroes and their pig headedness over eating pilot whales

Whale lice, cestodes,nematodes And bacteria including the flu Upper respiratory tract infections Pilot whales suffer they do Mercury the mono methyl PCB’s and DDT CAdmium All sadly infect these mammals So eating them will affect you Asia is burning huge … Continue reading

Bug eyed alien

Almost unconceived and undiscovered In many ways an alien of sorts A phantom of the forest Hardly ever seen A primate with a difference A figment of our thoughts Great big eyes lustrous And all seeing Revolving ears The object … Continue reading

Great white

Existence for them Has been forever Absolute given and true Genuine physical predators Actual objective a tangible force A perfect killing machine The ocean’s their home Its where they roam Great big teeth and rather mean Thats how we see … Continue reading


Aggression giving animals names To me is totally wrong Diablo renamed spirit Rambo all along The patriarchal emphasis Creates impressions and we The grand old public sentiment Go along with them and be Really part and parcel a predictive Attitude … Continue reading