The great ROUNDUP

Consciousness has been around
For many a year
The thoughts the sense
Of the inner child
A mindlessness bordering on the moronic
An abstractness that could be seen as wild

Unconcerned and uninvolved
Indifferent one might say
As the corporate giants stuttered forward
Looking the other way
Random shots and guesswork
Were Unrigorous let me say

They argued in a circle
Paid science to agree
To contradict the farmers
To show the fallacy
To give the wrong impression
Too much insularity
Too many fanatics
And liability

A lot of tunnel vision
Swayed and jaundiced stuff
Really too much overreach
I had seen enough
Lots of flipping hot air
And naivete
Taking stuff as gospel
When it should never be

Dissent and repudiation
A reluctance to believe
Unfamiliarity and bewilderment
To grieve
Unbeknown and enigmatic
Unchartered and untried
The arrogance and ignorance
And all the truths denied

For the farmer growing soya
Genetic through and through
Along with roundaup ready
A herbicide that brew
Going to do away with weeding
Going to save time
Going to make money
Without a bloody rhyme
Or reason this the miracle
And what we all now see
Is hundreds of children in ARGENTINA
With deformity

Much worse than thalidomide
Awful to be sure
Beyond frightening beyond hellish
The numbskulls at the door
Legs not working minds completely blank
And monstrous weeds about the place
Errors to be frank

Misreported, garbled, aberrant as
We know
Really unsubstantiated
Not up to the flow
Lack of expectation
Thwarted and foiled and balked
Incoherent and fatuous
Such boloney people talked

Children sick and crazy
Pigs in Denmark too
They were deformed badly
And diarrhoea of yellow hue
And it was down to soya flour
For when it was withdrawn
All the sickness disappeared
And so a kind of dawn

Was realized
the treachery and pain
The dupery the skullduggery
Each illusory refrain
More and more pigs kicking
Upside down and sick
The voiceless ones were suffering
Their limbs their Skin was full of sores
A bit like the children from the Argentine
Who had all gone through the wars

Genetic modification a monster of the field
Promising so very much atvincreasing the yield
All of this was crazy the profits being made
MONSANTO in the limelight it seemed upon them laid
Blood and gore and evil cancer it was everywhere
The children and the lifestock suffering such despair

Injury and poison affliction of the core
Angst malaise and bodily harm insidious and more
Satans spew and vomit nothing better they
Suffered from the husbandry that was seemingly
There to stay

One farmer he in Denmark felt for his pigs
He knew
Just how much they suffered
Threw up and then threw
It really got into his heart
He knew it wasnt right
This GMO debacle
And he joined in their fight

He stopped giving them soya flour
And in a little time
Watched them all recover
And slowly start to climb
Back into a reality
Back into true health
And he realised that in Argentina
The children were by stealth

Being murdered slowly
By the great Satan yes who
Had developed the sick notion

as we know

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