A serenity evolves around
A soul who seeks to be
Taking on the sunset
Of the night sky and the sea
Bathed in utter privilege
In all these colours too
Each subtle immersion
Draws such harmony right through

To be here as a solitary
To thus super impose
The great spellscape of Gaia
On the sand between one’s toes
To feel that soft sensation
And devotion constantly
Revealing the involvement
Of total harmony

To be
To free
To see
To know
The honour of it all
To be humbled the real respect
The reverence the call
To stand in awe
To feel one’s place
To pay one’s respects and be
Receiving of the benevolence
And concern and empathy

The intimacy and closeness
The inclination too
imagine that dear Melusine
Has become part of you
Smitten by her magic
Sharing of her flow
Unruffled by her closeness
As together you both grow

The distinction of each moment
The ever fading light
Held in highest favour
The miracle of might
To marvel at the constancy
To feel its weight within
Having no embellishment to think of
Just the wetness of one’s skin

Seeking out our pagan traces
In the faces in the sky
The seascape and the landscape
And the pageant from on high
All visible and observable
With my naked eye
The lilac and the amaranth
The lapis lazuli

The sea green and the jade green
The veined and marbled sky
Charcoal, burnt cork, light going from
On high
The music of the ocean that ripples at the shore
The pitch the tone the resonance
With me for evermore

The vital spark essentially
Is with me on the tide
The artery of association
Where i can confide
Breathe in the salty kisses
Taste the fresh night air
And its only me now witnessing
The art of being there.

To my dear friend faraway in New Zealand

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