Restavek children

After the earthquake
Came so many orphans
Their parents all wiped out
So where could they go
They became relocated
Within the family
But actually slaves
As we all know

Tent cities
And slums are of such shabby
Hardly presentable
In this day and age
No sanitation
Confined and in custody
Restrained by the circumstance
Tnis we can guage

Generally families
Who took in theSe placements
Made them then work as slaves without pay
No education
Oppressed and downtrodden
A sort of detention
Or so most do say

Thats what they call them
Living in fear working all the day long
They sleep on the hard ground
And eat what they are given
Often they are beaten
And some are bound

Hidden in plain sight
And really exploited
appalling conditions
They do work away
Its Hard to eradicate
What is going on on the eyes
Such despair
The patrols are visibly
Showing their face
This subjugation
Its all Aware.

Imagine the children
They have infact nothing
Their freedom to be
Was just stolen away
Just as they have work
Time constraints too
Its tougher and they suffer
So yes they do

Their lives spiral downwards
Slavery hurts
overwhelmed by it all
Brought to ones knees
In a parlous bondage
And oft beaten too
They work all hours
And have a curfew

At least ten per cent
Of the whole population
Of children are slaves
Despite what we feel
Each slave knows their place
Which was once a slave haven
The fact that it carries on
And it is real

The strictness of life
So uncompromising
Relentless exploitation
And punitive too
A masterful auntie or uncle
An austere existence
And compliance all through

DEspite all the money
The Clinton Foundation
Supposed to have injected
The housing is bad
The land of high mountains
On Hispaniola
And its little slave children
All of them are sad

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