Creation for me
Turned out badly
Born as a dog
That was I
Nobody wanted me
And that was a pain
So thrown in a dumpster to die

Found by a family called Leonard
Taken home rescued so I
Had seven long years with a family
And then one day
Couldn’t rely

On them either
I was out playing
In Pal Beach County
Was I
In Boca Raton
The southern most city
The sun very high in the sky

Suddenly I was surrounded
Smothered in fact by some bees
I ran for the house
Jumped up at the door
Open it open it please

I saw them behind the curtains
As more and more bees did come
I barked and i barked
And i squealed and i squealed
Let me let me in are you dumb?

Arn’I still one of the family?
45 pounds of me needs
Respite from all of this stinging brigade
That now on my body just feeds

Suffering goodness the agony here
Just open the door let me in
But they all just looked at me
They just ignored me
Watching the bees sting my skin

Watching me suffer like crazy
To me I recounted the time
When i was just thrown in the dumpster
And once again i couldnt climb

And my rescuers now wouldn’t save me
And when all the bees flew away
Thats when they took me down to the doctors
But by that time i was away

With the birds and the bees
Fuck the humans they could have saved me but chose
To leave me to get bloody stung half to death
And really right under their nose

The vet told us i was a gonna
That now he would give me a shot
I wouldnt feel anything say my goodbyes
My life again had gone to pot

The dumpster the bees
Humans if you please
For fucks sake don’t call yourself kind
The rainbow bridge hoping
Its so good we’re coping
Cos I’m clearly out of my mind

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