Julian Assange

A well grounded attested genuine man
With endurance for life
And one hell of a plan
A phenomenal character
Whose ethos to be
True to himself and his family

A sound frame of mind
With an affiliation
For all that is good
About true creation
His logical argument
And pertinent thought
Puts the world in perspective
Inventively caught

In complete authenticity
He is the real thing
An incomparable spirit
That uniquely does bring
Coherence and reasoning
Into the now
With a brilliant attunement
Which does show us how

To be wholly generous
Noticeably so
With his time and his knowledge
He proves we can grow
Despite discrimination
His unity
Compacts and reacts
To his own family

He emerges out front
Foremost in the lead
A quiet gentle warrior
Which he helps feed
As part of his psyche
He does show the way
With a gift for research
Bound up in each day

The Ecuadorian Embassy
Is where he does reside
Away from his family and his children
And feels he’s denied
Freedom of expression
His interminable pain
As his life slips away
From him
His mortal chain

A fugitive scribe
With a passion to be
Where true never-endingness
Flows constantly
His unfading strength
Is his will to desire
All the good that is life
All that perpetual fire

This world is a better place
Because of him
He is the one going out on a limb
Prepared to bring light
Into darkness and show
A positive spirit
And an eternal glow

He is our expectation
Irresistibly so
A compelling genius
Despite the woe
Brought down on his head
By those who can’t see
The wood from what is
The proverbial tree

Those who would bang him up in some forgotten cell
Are the devils incarnate

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