Just imagine being woken up
By something thats so dire
The awful realisation
That your tower block
Is on fire

Choking on the embers
Tasting the thick smoke
Hearing the shrieks of neighnours
And needing to go for broke

Every single inch of you in sweat
And bodily pain
Knowing in a moment
Life could be ebbing fast
YES Totally Insane

Your nerves and sudden panic
And now what can you do
The notice says in case of fire
Stay put

Sit in the loo

Cover yourself in wet towels
And wait for the fire brigade
That did seem the best idea
Wait for outside aid

It was dark across North Kensington
Sirens though you hear
The crackling and the jangling
And all that dreadful fear

Of burning to a crisp
The thought the agony
Would be
More than one could contemplate
and would someone hear your plea?

There is no need to venture out
Into the corridor
Into the blackness of the smoke
Now outside the door
Find the stairs and run and run
What else could one do
And it was getting hotter
Until I took the view

It doesnt look like they are coming
People calling from off the ground
What number are you
What floor are you on
And that vile crackling sound
Children screaming, babies crying
I opened up my door
Moved into a great black cloud
And could smell the blood and gore

The stairs were dark and slippery
The gas pipes fitted there
Had ruptured and were burning
The escape route of despair
Already several bodies
Were broken and forlorn
People running in all directions
Clearly panic torn

GRENFELL was our nightmare
Revisited for me
Since the alterations
That All of us could see
The inevitable disaster
Looming in our minds
And despite our constant karping
And the battle lines

We had drawn up with
The council leaving nothing out at all
But The council and the government of the day
Ignored our call

Migrants we were tenants of the council
We were poor
Many of us on benefits
So easy to ignore
KEnsington was TORY
And a borough for those who
The council had respect for
Not like us, the view

Really shoddy working
In situ to be sure
All that cladding and new windows
Fire alarms and more
Sprinklers no not sprinklers
Containment was what they
Talked about their mantra
In fact, we had no say

And so each day we lived there
More Especially at night we worried about
An outcome
And used our combined might
To try to get some answers
But all to no avail
And now the worst had happened
On a gigantic scale

It must have been much lower down
A fireman helped me to the street
The building was an inferno
The fire had spread
Almost the complete
Facade was burning crazily
And that rotten cladding
Falling off in great big chunks
And dropping down because

Clearly it was imflammable
And seemed to be now why
The fire had spread so rapidly
And raised the risks to high

I was put into an ambulance
And by that time i was gone
Soot and fire inside my lungs
And that smoke upon
It got into my nostrils
And blinded my eyes
That some had stayed and perished
When somebody dies

Ringing up their parents or kith and kin
Of friends
Waiting for the flames
To Mark their respected ends

Covering their babies
Wishing they could be
Anywhere but in this burning building
Just be freeb

Underneath the sprinklers
Or in a safer place
Instead of in this rotten block
That was clearly a disgrace

Some leapt out of windows
Falling to their death
Some threw out their babies
Lost souls denied breath
The union of family
Lost for evermore
And just total disorder
Never seen before

Building laws and planning
Fire notes to the fore
Cuts in public housing
And in police budgets
A core
Reason for the numbers
And efficiency around
Austerity cuts deep
Into the quick of human flesh
Where the poor are left to weep

The Grenfell Tower
An ediface of terror and of pain
Clad in cosmetic composition
With that polyurethane
Brand new plastic windows
Fortuitously we saw
this regeneration
Who could wish for more?

Apparently a lot of tenants
Pointed out that they
Were far from happy about them all
And more frightened every day
The cladding on the outside
Apparently burned well
And with only one escape stairway
If a fire broke out then HELL

Would clearly be inevitable
And sure thing what we saw
Was a spread of fire so dire
A dilemma to be sure
Clearly there were a lots of faults
And the council were made aware
Lots of chiefs but the indians
Were ultimately no where

And despite the fire in Camberwell
They appreared to go to ground
No SPRINKLERS Were fitted
NO Fire alarms were found
Different instrctions as to what to do
And they piped all the gas
Up the only escape route
which to most of us seemed crass

Building regulations?
Certain sitings do not cheer
Boilers near to exit doors
And fuse boxes
more fear
Chaos getting people out
They didnt know what to do
And many will have been burned alive
Confused it became true

And now we see the crowds
Of dedicated souls
Who all have come together
In their varying roles
At the moment thirty confirmed as dead,
But this figure is set to rise
The numbers being played down
The tenants realise

For of course It was a death trap
No stair lights on we hear
Extinguishers had not been maintained
All of this was clear
Aluminium composite material
Its fire flsme rating poor
With all the polyurethane
Helped the flames spread more and more

this is a vile disaster
Hundreds lost for sure
Some critical in hospital
Scenes from some vile war
Fill the airwaves daily
The suffering immense
But as for councils officers
It really makes no sense

Nobody has come around
To see to help to be
Sharing of their terror
Ignored again free
To do their own thing seemingly
Get on with their lot
Mrs May came by they say
But meet with them did not

Its as if they were not worthy
Of grief of fright of pain
And that pissed off the victims
Robotic, wooden, vain
This is how she does things
Uncomfortable in her own skin
Or does she think they are beaneath her
Excuses are wearing thin

Jeremy Corbyn came to see them
Hugged them showed he cared
A man of the people
Clearly moved and scared
By just so many victims
And he listened intently
To all the cries for help he heard
The queen and Prince William
Met the people they
Clearly realising their coming
No plea fell on deaf ears for certain
Compassion clearly shown
BUt Mrs May is built that way
Her heart is made of stone

Others came and did their stint
But the mood was changing fast
The media were all around them
Under all that blast
Tempers they were fraying
Upsets were intense
Despite the coming together of the people
It really made no sense

The non arrival of the council
Which riled the crowd who felt
They had all the money
But the cards that they had dealt
Were really lower order
Allocations to the poor
Were minimal and dismal
And perhaps outside the law

The people around the area and in London
Did donate
Everything you could think of
And they did administrate
The sorting storing giving
Working night and day
But nothing from the council
To most people’s dismay

So many people missing
Anomalies galore
The cladding the lack of supervision
And more and more and more
Frustration sadness angst and pain
And then came Mrs May
Who equalled the public funded cash
5 million so to say

Frustration moved to anger
Some devided they would march off to South Kensington
To the offices and pay
Their respects to the council
Bashing on their door
Demanding help and clearly
They all were expecting more

A public enquiry again via Mrs May
There should have been a inquest
The order of the day
The list of dead will reach a hundred
Thats the firm belief
And all of them could have been saved
Along with all this grief!

Rehousing them w8ith the borough
And caring for them
Must keeo our eyes upon them
As time passes
We shall see
Another story comes to play
And forgotten they will be

Sniffer dogs were searching
For corpses in the place
The ediface of horror
The courage shown and grace
From nursing staff and fire brigade
Who dealt as best they could
With so much strees and evil
Working for the good

As light came up this morning
The skies above were blue
Infused with the criss cross chem trails
The pilots have to do
This geo engineering this science by deceit
There’s no let up to this government crap
And the wishes of the elite

And so it stands a blackened wreck
A monument to those
Who lost their lives
Or were injured
And as their anger grows

The evidence remains behind
Of the ugly grotesque tower
That will now have to be taken down
After they all scour
The premises for evidence
And whether we shall ever know
How many victims perished
Adding to the eternal glow

Xx Its amazing to see all those who helped the coming together of heroes from the Fire Dept the police together with residents and
All the many people who gave money to the cause all those who gave useful articles and who are helping to sort and distribute them.

This is a mark of true respect and love for each other across all races

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