Assange is no criminal
His courage reigns
In the face of our enemy
Fearlessness gains
An audacious boldness
A knight if you will
Who combats the evil
With the ultimate skill

Against intimidation
The ashen faced might
Give up the ghost
And forgo the bright light
High places squalor
Repellant and wrong
Who scythes through the shadows
Where they all belong

Where power an corruption
Go hand in hand
Exhausting the innocent
And understand
The unpalatability,
the maddening gall
The indisposed wrath
No one can overhaul

One such individual
Willing to claim
The right from the wrong
In the heat of the flame
An odour of sanctity
And rectitude
Above all temptation
Able to conclude

A vastness of honour
Seraphic and sure
Upright and honest
Which many ignore
A great whistleblower
Whose breath and whose power
Is a true shining light
In the face of each hour

Governments improbity
Corruption beyond
Wangles and fiddles
And how some respond
Villainy, venality, chicanery
The height of crookedness
And disloyalty

julian restores some justice
For he
Needs to come home
And just feel he is free
Defamed and dishonoured
For his white angel glow
Of showing the truth
So that we all can know

The true ethicality
And uprightness means
A much fairer world
Beyond the machines
Consideration for all
And ofcourse toleration
With forgiveness on call

JULIAN needs to come home
To now be
Back with his children
And family
Stealing those lives
As we have is real bad
It builds such abhorrence
Making such figures sad

Love is the verb
That we all need to use
Draw the affection
Just do not abuse
Another’s freedom
For how can that be
Allowed in this day and age
If we agree

All have diplomacy
Look at the man
He retains his gentility
Since he began
Calling out criminals
Exposing those who
Had power in high places
But their cover they blew

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  1. Sara Lordon on said:

    Brilliant!! Yes let’s get himhome

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