Wild foxes and their place in creation

Back in the 16th Century
When royalty like to chop
Heads off queens they also
Hunted foxes but they did stop
Chopping heads off people
When they gained far more sense
When they became more cultured
And not so bloody dense

The world is full of laggards
Blood thirsty noblemen
Who dressed up to go hunting
It was their class and again
We see them they are throwbacks
To a time of long ago
Them chasing around the countryside
Wild creatures as we know

Creation gave us wild zones
And wild souls and we try
Or should to observe the countryside
And those living there
Are high
On the soulful agenda
Each has a place and should
Be left to live in harmony
For we all think thats good

People dressed in fancy clothes
Riding horses should not be
given credence
Or thought as good
Its nothing that we want to see
For hunting these wild animals
With hounds that have been trained
To chase and kill them just for fun
Really we have gained

Respect for living creatures
Since the ban became law
and we have not been over run
By foxes and whatsmore
Calling them pests is an excuse
Hunters they are too
The countryside is pissed off something rotten
When they do

Ride all over peoples lands in gardens on the roads
With all their tanked up helpers
And loads and loads and loads
Of yelping crazy hounds around
Its not the cultured way
And threatening to bring it back
No thankyou MRS maY

Stick your free vote where it feels good
Leave the foxes be
They Actually keep down rabbits and voles
And so they Are key
In actually helping the countryside
Each has its precious role
NAture knows a thing or two
and has given them that role

Training dogs to slaughter foxes
Is an unnatural scheme
Its really all about money
The toffs they make me scream
Chasing around the countryside
Drinking to excess
And murdering the wild life
Is increasing stress

Leave the law alone I say
Blood sports will never do
Or start chopping off the heads of wayward queens
Sounds stupid too
Go along with blood sports
Hares foxes and Deer
And badger culls
Yes all our wild created souls
Its clear

You will lose a lot of votes
The fox may get their way
Why are you blood thirsty a women too to say
You believe in hunting
Retards do as well
Do not repeal this law
Or you will find
A place in HELL

Waiting for you with the others
Who feel its your place too
Kill our precious wild life
Because its what you do
Only a bunch of red necks
Get high on causing pain
We have all moved on a lot
And know there is no gain

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