The arrogance of man un kind
Its everywhere to see
The sickness some call science
Its where some of them be
Creation was phenomenal
And GAIA knew the score
Every soul connected
In tune with Natural Law

Man is oh so ignorant
Allowing himself to be
Swept up in the corporate wave
Of negativity
The hunters and the governments
Who taunt and harm the souls
Who live out in the wilderness
In their respective roles

They are real they are not phantoms
They walk sustainably
Each wholesome incarnation
Is charaterful and free
Ancestrally inseparable
Respectful of their place
Inheriting the knowledge
And staying the pace

Living where creation put them
With a genuineness thats true
They have their intuition
Which never is askew
They understand true harmony
Their initiative to be
Everything expected of them
Throughout eternity

Man un kind and selfish
Who need not hunt or prey
On any of the wild souls
In habitats today
Who suffer from the vagaries
And arrogance of those
Whose selifishness and foolishness
Seemingly now grows

The Tasmanian Tiger
More a hyena one could say
Who lived out in Tasmania
And was striped
And then one day
All of them were hunted
Or pushed out of their place
Buy yea you got it
Of course ofcourse the amazing human race

So quick to steal the wild lands
To build cabins in the thick
Tear down trees and forests
For timber and for oil, the sick
Corporate mentality of profiting out of loss
Of boardrooms full of the infdels
Who do not give a toss

And so we lost the THYLACINE
A really precious soul
The last one died in HOBART ZOO
A sick and savage toll
Of vile events and bounties paid
For their scalps the trappers who
Watched all the destruction
Totally clueless to

Their effect on nature
Thats how hunters are
The thrill of murdering animals
Doesnt seem to bar
Them from the truest countryside
And all the others there
And how they are affected
By the losses we all share

A realisation that they
Can fart around with chromosomes
And just possibly can play
A part in bringing back the tiger
Could this be why we
Are seeing sightings here and there
Pulled back from history

The platypus the Koala
The iconic Kangaroo
AUstralians are good at killing
Animals they do
Go out in the ouback
Shooting when they can
And the likes of the big sports firms
Using skins that is their plan

Footballs running shoes etc
Made of kangaroo
The corporate hotel chains around the country
Those that do
Sell roo steaks on their menu’s
I will not stay there
I cancelled all my bookings
And just went off somewhere

Else,when I went travelling
The menu please I said
Are you serving kangaroo
To people already well fed
Why go for wild animals
Why kill the old roo
We have to protect all wild animals
Its the only thing to do.

And we can make that difference
By using our common sense
Saving the natural habitats
And not sitting on the fence
Not allowing sheep and cattle
To be grazed where wild folk are
Like wolves who then get murdered
By the famous hunter star

Who gets onto the TV
And on facebook bragging loud
Totally bloody ignorant
All faceless in the crowd
Murdering for the sake if it
For what they call for sport
And Driving the four by fours about
With very little thought

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  1. Sara Lordon on said:

    Wow! You are outstanding in your clarity! I salute you my friend

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