The road

I am not anyone’s Boss
DOn’t toss
That word at me
I am a victim
Like you are
The key
To survival is being
The one who evolves
The one who appreciates
The one who solves

So many problems
Such is this life
We live in a world
That creates so much strife
We could all live together
In the greeness where we
Were given the peace
And the true harmony

Respecting each other
Loving our way
Following freedom
Making nobody pay
Just being
And caring
Just honouring all
Don’t give us your label
I am nobody’s fool

I am what I am
And I know now that you
Have your great metal trucks
And guns which you do
So you chose your weapons
And our family
Together are peaceful
In true harmony

We are vegetarians
That is our cause
Please leave us alone
Let us be
Let us pause
Time for a moment
And realise we
Could run amok
But we prefer to be


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