What is not to love
About the iconic king and queen indeed
AFrica’s amazing souls
That really must succeed

Africa needs its wonderful Lions
And its Lions need Africa
They are the very fabric
The truest ever star

The success that is surely coming
Their roar that unique sound
No where else can one hear it
For this is where they are found

Creation actually put them here
So We must never make them pay
Adversity Has a karmic cost
Which of course grows by the day

They are a bountiful brigade
AFrica’s greatest prize
To let them be bred in canned bunting farms
We now must realise

Is really mindless judgement
To not value them for they
Are unique, and beautiful
In their wholly special way

Don’t take them for granted
Value them for their worth
So much to your continent
AFrica and tbis earth

This magical ball of wildness
The wilderness of soul
Lets love the lions
Lets look after them
Their presence lets extol

DOn’t sell them down the river
Dont let them be shot down
The most noble cats in Africa
Must be given back their crown

Tagged by Shesh Roberts responded
With a poem.

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