Reed Beds

To the outside world,
She comes across as a busy body but she
Is actually conscientious
A true friend generally
The Water Rail a handsome little bird
Who really cares
She struts about and just Shouts out
Answering the prayers

Of those not quite so energised
Like the Grebes or Coots
If a polecat is on the prowl
Or the water snake has slithered foul
She highlights those pursuits
In the watery world of reed beds
When the purple Herons fly
Back from far off deserts
To build their nests and try

With their snake like eyes to watch
Over their eggs when they are laid
Their long beaks are really razor sharp
And all their dues are paid
Should a polecat then be after eggs
Herons can learn to be
like statues
Not a muscle moving
impossible to see

After their solemn nuptials
And when the babes are born
They really are the ugliest
From pre history torn
Resembling a raptor
Spikey hair and bald
They look a bit like dinosaurs
Though nobody seems fooled

The cuckoo, can you hear her
Her tell tale cry all know
She will lay in a warblers nest
One big egg and go
The warbler is a tiny soul
And when the cuckoo hatches
The warbler will be beside herself
For the cuckoo scratches
Kicks the warblers eggs away
Out of the nest she
Wants the food
And the warbler brood
Tragically Had had to pay

The mother though will
Raise the cuckoo
Thinking it is hers
Working hard just to hunt down food
No patriarchal slurs
Will stop her
She is after looking after
Her big chick
Until the cuckoo flies away
But she never sees the trick

The cuckoo on the hand
Pulls off the truck each time
Lays her egg in anothers nest
For her life is sublime
She knows she doesnt have to worry
Someone else will care
But for Anyone who knows about this
Knows it isnt fair

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