Not all children love chocolate

To the Harkin Engle Protocol
This world did nail its sails
The idea was to safeguard children
Coming off the rails
AFrica the Ivory coast
NIger and Mali
BUrkino Faso, Togo and Benin
All places where you might see

Children being trafficked from
At Bus Stations and they
Might end up in plantation
A lot of miles away
In the Ivory Coast perhaps
Where chocolate does get grown
Where all the corporations buy
Though whilst denying they have known

That little children slaves in fact
Unpaid for years on end
Are shipped into plantations
The so called laws they bend
It is very dangerous work
Using the machete
Carrying really excessive weights
And spraying really terribly

When asked the corporations
Turn their heads away
They say it isnt happening
Not now anyway
And we yea the consumers
Just buying what we see
Fail to see the angst and woe
And the real adversity

Parents missing children
Stolen everyday
Children being bought and sold
And working for no pay
This is really iniquitous
Its abuse and it is shame
They are making a killing
And fail to share the blame

There is nothing good about them
And they know who they are
With lots of fair trade and organic brands
Who can afford to spar
Out there in the market place
But up against those who
Have the market in their lap
There is little that they can do

For each child the crooks get 230 euros
That includes
transport for an idefinate time
The profit that exudes
From all their bloody balance sheets
In the face of these sad souls
And few around are prepared to say
Or step the controls

Interpol has interjected
And rescued children, they
Have been brought home to their villages
From all those miles away
Many have been injured
Seriously so
But the powers to be deny it
No one wants to know

Over a million children
Are suffering this crime
No school no education
Just working all the time
Its a hazardous profession
And dengi fever rules
And without the protection
Of mosquito sprays
Really only fools

Would work in these dire places
Which of course is why
Children are trafficked from Niger
And from Mali and some die
Leg wounds shoulder wounds hernia’s
All for the corporate prize
Of sacrificing children
And hearing of their demise

Ask the suoermarkets
And the manufacturers where
The chocolate that they are selling comes from
And beware
If they say from the Ivory COast
Then query the factor here
And if you are unsure about it
Dont buy make it clear

Buy fair trade or organic
Thats your requirement now
There really is no middle way
Ask yourselves now how
For your sweet tooth you are prepared
To sacrifice those boys
Stolen from african villages
And their parental joys

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