Lonesome George

To try and get to grips
With how a character would feel
Hiding on an island
Where fear was very real
Historicity had brought down on him
Adversity and gore
As sailors had come ashore
To plunder and whats more
To slaughter all his family
His resignation to
crawl away and hide somewhere
As a hermit just might do

His impediments were many
He was aging and was slow
Against the hungry sailors
His abilities were low
Survival though was integral
Which was why he crept away
And created his isolation
And removal on that day

The Tortoise takes small steps
And is a gentle soul
Secreted in a cave somewhere
Disenchanted with his role
Its a puzzling situation
Isolation could be grim
But safety first was paramount
Certainly for him

Survival was his object
But gradually he felt
Displaced and really lonely
The cards that he’d been dealt
Were weighing on his psyche
He was a virle male
He wanted so much to pass on his genes
But Because He was in gaol

As the years passed by of course
Frustration set a course
He now was so much slower
As was his life force
He had lost some of his confidence
And had succumbed to compromise
Had capitulated in many ways
Awaiting his demise

With a realization that probably he was
The only living giant left
Really just because
He hadnt seen another
And imagined they were gone
And so began to regret
That he had ever come upon
These islands of Galapagos
So isolated and
Clearly it was difficult
For him to understand

He must have felt deflated
A giant of bis brood
And feeling rather wretched
And of course subdued
And when he was discovered
And his Problem became known
His transfer to a harem
For his seeds to now be sown

Must have brought excitement
To his life I have to feel
But with his impediment of age
A shyness would be real
Would females really fancy him
Or would they try to forestall
And he really didnt have the time
Or the inclination call

He wanted to pass his genes on
He wanted to do his thing
But who on earth would Assist him
His weight was going to bring
Some complex situations
And for years he had been apart
From females it was scary
And hard work for his heart

And really his situation
Was a man made thing
They had come and slaughtered
All his brides and so did bring
This whole humiliation
Down on him and so
He began to think
It was crazy
To be a father
And to watch them grow

He was facing a dichotomy
Which ever way he turned
There was tbis clear division
Would he be spurned or burned
Clearly he had ambition
But bis mission was unclear
Frustration and elation
And transition into fear

As you probably know
Despite the ways of man kind
Lonesome died
He never got to copulate
And so for him inside
He must have been disappointed
And frustrated as well
But in his heart too
Must have thought
The islands were just hell

Marooned upon the islands
Were in some ways very good
But the sailors plundering when they did
They misunderstood
The need to let these creatures be
Their wisdom was not there
300 pounds of tortoise when you are hungry
And unaware

Created this calamity
There was so much stress
The general feeling was abandonment
And there was no redress
And so the planet lost
This kindly creature to old age
We did not wake up till it was too late
And we all lost the sage

And so we really have to contemplate
Others who
Are getting close to extinction
And care for them it’s true
Our selfishness and our human traits
Of hunting and trapping and more
Are causing other wild souls to reach
A critical stage for sure

The Tasmanian Tiger
The Dodo and many more
Our egotistical pronouncements
Feel a lot like war
To the wild souls of the wilderness
Of the forests of the sea
They have their place
They are part of
The biodiversity

We must not take for granted
Each now has a place
Because we feel superior
Arrogance at a pace
Is clearing from this planet
So many souls and we
Must now take stock and stop this rot
Or we too may soon be

Joining them all

Always remember
There is a place in time when there is no way back
When you would do anything to contact the creature that is gone

2 comments on “Lonesome George

  1. Sara Lordon on said:

    This made me cry shows humans real nature we are killers we are destroyers we are the Apocalypse for this planet

    • Yes Sara we are we really are the arrogance of it all all that amazing creation the miracles that we know are there in various species can all be destroyed by human beings for their own selfish want its not even need its want its sport its whatever
      I hate thise kinds of ignorant people and must write and write until I can write no more. Thanks Sara for your support xxx

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