Fresh wind dried and salted a story by the victims

Long finned Pilot Whales
And some white sided Dolphins sadly
Driven to shore and slaughtered
By those islanders who gladly
Previously trained to use The spinal cord lance or monustingari
To dispatch each of us mammals
So a truly fine shikari

Due to activism this ritual blade is used
There was a time when anything would do
In house science warns them of the toxicity apparent
Mercury PCB’s and DDT and others too
Some 23 towns have the special beaches
And can kill
After cutting the whales spine
Until the whales are still
They touch the eye before the neck is severed
To ensure that we are good and dead
They do this with the grindaknivur
According to their law
The grindalogin which has dearly led

The many the community to share the wholesome treat
We can be eaten fresh or salted
Or wind dried quite a feat
A delicacy They would have you believe
Which has nutrients galore
And minerals and Vitamin D
And who could ask for more?

Rather than exporting fish
They could have eaten that
But they prefer to export it
And Risk our toxic fat
And of course they like to participate
In the excitement of the chase
Of slaughterIng the lot of us
Seen by as a disgrace

Unborn children babies
Swimming with their mothers
Fathers uncles elders sisters and some disabled brothers
Their utopian existence cut short in the melee
The mayhem and the evil and what is our misery
Its culture its tradition its what keeps the Faroes real
And anyone who objects to it really cannot feel
The flavoursome reaction the need for our blubber and
The factor that its free of charge
Also seen as grand

Along with seabirds and their eggs
Nutrition is their thing
Lots now do not eat the whale
With the nutrition that it does bring
Preferring the chicken and pizza
And the supermarket fayre
Perhaps the times are changing
Perhaps the young are more aware

Saying that the grindadrap
Attracts all of the town
Children come and see the blood
And watch the crimson crown
Of froth and snot and innards
Soak into the brine
Weathered by the experience
And having to keep in line

Mention a vegan diet
And they all jump up and down
Who the hell are we to interfere
Their cries soon drown
Out the activism
That social media brings
Their medieval banquet
These so called viking kings

The cries and the emotion
The bravery we see
Of animals in peril
Pulled out of the sea
With the blowhole hooks
And their patriarchal power
Playing the angels back and forth
So they may soon devour

The innocence whose courage
Gave strength to those young souls
Clearly frightened out of their minds
Heroes versus trolls
Not one soul would leave another
Unlike the humans who
Would panic and think of themselves
Thats not what we whales do

Humanity you call yourselves
Humane thats such a joke
Tbis is inhuman behaviour
Murder with every stroke
A maelstrom of adversity
One cannot imagine how
We sensitive beings
Manage but We just have to somehow

Our individuality
Each heart each soul each core
Each imagines they are immortal
And what they are here for
To survive and be enduring
To coexist and be
Angels in a world of grief
And pollutive constancy

A great vacuum of emptiness
Of annihilation too
Erasure from a planet
That creation gave you to
Nullified and wiped out
Visionaries of soul
Unimagined miracles
Killed by the uncontrolled

Those lacking any substance
A meagreness of mind
An illusion in a bubble
Inessential underlined
So many of us sacrificed
To fill the mangy gut
Wasted diabolical
For us open and shut

The faroe island throwbacks
Whose hostility is high
For them its confrontation
For us we wonder why
Our miracle was lost and
Their excrement we became
Yet we never experienced hatred
Whatever that lot claim

2 comments on “Fresh wind dried and salted a story by the victims

  1. Kirsten Rønn on said:

    My heart is broken and I’m in tears now.thank you Rex.

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Oh dear I am sorry Kirsten never meant for you to be so upset it is such a sadness to me gut wrenching and from my discussions with the Faroese
      Last week no hope fornthese whales that fall into their trap no hope at all

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