Adam Shoults

The epitome of an adventurer
With a restlessness to feel
The art of being vulnerable
And tempt providence for real
A cartographer who imagined
The lines on maps conceal
Myriads of wonderment
And essentially whats real

That visionary approach
That brings excitement to the fore
Prepared to go out on a limb
And support it from your core
To subsist and endure the loneliness
To survive when others fail
To hold good on your promises
Essentially your tale

Is exciting it has substance
And is largely in the main
In the spirit end of characterful
With a backbone that does gain
Credence from those following
From their armchairs
May be so
Who also get the adrenaline rush
Watching as you show

Your prowess for survival
Your relation to the whole
The enormousness and vastness
Of the wilderness
And its role
In the boundlessness and abundance
Of who is a solitary soul

Your journeys are incredible
Exceptionally so
Hudson Bay and the Arctic
For months on end
To know
You only have your own resolve
And belief to get you through
What for many would feel impossible
But clearly not for you

The real love of the unknown
Being resourceful though alone
Getting it emotionally
All that power home grown
The need to nourish an aching soul
To eke out his own trail
Taking on the pathfinders role
And knowing you couldn’t fail

Feeling that connection
With the wilderness today
Getting down and dirty
In the rapids and the spray
In the forests on the mountains
In the developing Ice and snow
And to do it really on your own
In what is an unending flow

Of inbuilt curiosity
And a pulsating wealth
Of seasonal activity
Which does maintain your health
Mentally and physically
And sets you on your way
Whilst endurance and perseverence
Is sustsining every day

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