Hunter man

The philosophy of existence
Where Every species has its place
Enduring and perpetual
Surviving in the face
Of genuine creation
Attested and fulfilled
Essental and purposeful
In essence all instilled

With feelings and with spirit
With a tendency to be
At home where Nature put them
Qualifying truthfully
Respect shows a connectedness
A mutual sense of being
Dependent on the surroundings
Appertaining to them seeing

Each thus has its share of paradise
And really in its way
Creates a true environment
A tangible display
A place of real identity
A genuine gameful soul
With its ancestral knowledge
And Its pre-determined role

Animals are a species
Living alongside
The human beings who avidly
Wander far and wide
Clearly an ever increasing army
Of homo sapiens who
Expand their want and purpose
Which apparently they do

The forests are being torn down
The wilderness on fire
Mining the earth for minerals
And energy its dire
There is little separation
And expulsion seems to be
The order of the unattached
The intolerant who see

The wilds as land to build upon
To generate more wealth
Moving animals constantly
And for many its done with stealth
Hunting poaching trapping
A constant drain on life
Stealing creative energy
And causing terrible strife

The arrogance is manifest
It can’t be reconciled
The total hunting picture
Plays ruin to the wild
Authorities are licensing
And hunters do their thing
To kill and kill and kill and kill
Its endless and it does bring

So much real uncertainty
Into the wild’s whole sphere
Prey animals are increasing
Whilst the predators all fear
Environments are changing
The selfishness of man
Whose arrogance and ignorance
Requires and all out ban

But instead of that
The NFA and the ammunition boys
Are ramping up the hunting trade
Its one of their great ploys
Bringing on the women and the children
To the scene
And maiming and killing more of us
The numbers are obscene

The farm trade has exploded
The cruelty happening there
The torture and the slaughtering
Creates its own despair
Every kind of animal is
Being crucified
And the numbers are growing everyday
Though the trade may have denied

This and so when hunters
Kick the bucket those who try
To safeguard the wild animals
And each day wonder why
People can be so malevolent
So horrible so sick
Can high five through the drama
Despite the arithmatic

The pitiless ingratitude
Such mercillessness we see
Elephants and Lions and Tigers
And Wolves and Bears who be
Shot and killed for trophies
For canned hunts near and far
The spitefulness and viciousness
How we maim and scar

These miracles of nature
Resentment it does build
The gloating and the callousness
The ferocity of yield
Destruction of whole families
Pay a disservice to
Life and its true meaning
Yes we denounce what some do

And when they become victims
When their blood is spilled
Activists are satisfied
Such abuse has been fulfilled
The vile irascibility the chain of sullenness
Broken perhaps the frowning few
Will realise the stress
They cause to all the victims
Who the activists do bless

The acrimony is growing
Its smoulderingly hot
The pompous animosity
So offensive to a lot
Of activists who shoulder
The evil and the pain
There is no love left in this world
Just more and more disdain

So someone gets their arse kicked
Crushed by the victims lust
To kill the bloody hunter
Whose way of life is unjust
Who attracts more and more killers
Who are bored with standing still
And who pay the great white hunters
A lot so they can spill

The blood of life eternal
We activists we do
Give thanks to Gaia for all she has done
For the animals now who
Fight back and maim and injure
The cowardly ones who come
Bringing their hostility
And realising some

Hunters have to lose theie lives
And not before due time
There is no love lost for hunters
For me they are born of slime
The boasting and the swagger
Of these trigger happy trolls
Who intimidate and threaten us
And kill our precious souls

Their bluster and their vapour
Great self publicists they be
Feathering their own sweet hordes
Of pure adversity
Criminals who threaten
The animals we need
Just to pull a trigger
And watch them as they bleed

Their defiance and their attitude
Their domineering stance
Their brashness and their cockiness
Their audacity to chance
Supercillious rascals
They need to be taken down
And when it happens the need is there
To take them all to town

Its not a celebration
But it is a special day
When a trigger happy moron
Knows what its like to lay
Crushed and broken lost and pained
Sharing the agony
Of all the victims that through the years
He created constantly

Cut down just for living
Where nature placed them, they
Always lived sustainably
Throughout their every day
They killed to eat
They didnt kill for sport
Or for the great thrill
And now a hunter meets his maker
And feels that inglorious chill

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  1. Mathilde lordon on said:

    So utterly well written Painting the canvas of our reality Makes me mad Man’s Ego THE. DESTROYERS BRILLIANT. REX

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