Out of my heart
Comes a token of care
Of light and of love
For those hours that we share
Whether walking the dog
Or drinking our wine
Or eating our cakes
For me its divine

My Persian Queen
We go about, and
We are like sisters
We so understand
Each other

Our pain, we share that too
We cry together
Thats what we do

Annette my lovely
Such a good friend
Carved from the same block
We always defend
Each other, aligned and resolute, we
Feel for each other
And know that to be

Out of my eyes
Comes your vision to share
Your sweet repose and your glorious hair
You have that softness
And I feel such calm
We both can relax
Sharing the charm
When we are together
Soul mates we be
We suffer, we know what its like
To be free
Spirited, dancing comforted by
Sharing your laughter
And the glint in your eye

Annette my dear friend
A poem for you
It comes from my heart
To your heart, and I do
Thank you for being
All seeing and aware
And thank you so much dear
For just being there

Happy Birthday

2 comments on “Annette

  1. tracey lewis on said:

    Thank you so much Rex your a darling.

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