Yu chi tang or sharks fin soup

YU chi tang,the vilest most
Hidious taste of all
Sharks fins mean the end
To these great predators
And send
A death knell through the ocean
As predation takes a hit
So many sad imbalances
Are happening and it

Means man’s continued ignorance
Of what he is doing will
Come back BIG TIME to haunt him
For every shark they kill
Just to cut the fins off
And make into a stew
Chicken soup this glutinous gloopy
Tasteless broth so costly too

Not only the many rays and sharks
But to Planet Earth
An embarrassing amount of money
It really isnt worth
The evil dark consumption
The deaths that we all see
It is tantamount to such sorrow
And utter misery

Its harrowing to see this
And that chineses diners feel
The need to celebrate their artogant state of mind
Fir real
Gladsome to support
All of this blatant cruelty
As thousands upon thousands
Are hauled out of the sea

But they will find their karmic debt
So overdrawn that they
Are going to be rewarded soon
And quietly they will pay
For the oceans suffer immeasurably
From the needlessness around
The plethora of prey fish
That tragically abound

Chewing at the coral
Threatening us all
Going against Gaia
And her displeasure it will fall
Heavily on the symbiosis
That the oceans need
And without the restoration
The acidity will bleed

Into every being
Including the diners who
Will also then be victims
If you are one of them
you too.

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