VULTURES and human carnivores

We look at the scavengers
And they appear
Really rather ugly
Though its actually clear
Those that eat carrion
Much of it though
Is fresher than carnivores
Eat here, you know

Jackals and wild dogs and Hyena’s
Providing a service to us
They the star
Along with the croc’s
Do a great clean up job
Its just they look weird
When the carcass they rob

In Africa Vultures
Get a bad deal
A lot are now dying
For them death is real
Poisoned by poachers hoping to kill
Lions for their bones
And instead they now kill

The vultures some 90per cent
Being killed
These poor macabre souls
Their blood being spilled
It got me thinking
The difference between
The meat eating humans
And whats seen as obscene

The great wakes of Vultures
That descend on the dead
Stripping the body to peices
It led
Me to think of the human
Who buys cuts of meat
Which isnt as fresh
And its never complete
We are like vultures
We eat dead flesh too
Its just that we buy it and cook it
We do

So why are they ugly
Bald heads and beaks
Very big talons
Gargolian freaks
Seen as the wretched
That everyone fears
But really no different
To humans my dears

Step up the vegans
The true human souls
Who loves all the animals
And take their role
Of Eating everything
Living today
The vegetables the fruits and the grains
So to say

Vultures are butchers are scavengers they
Clear up the remnants and cart them away
Really we need to see them in the light
Not brawling in blood for that isn’t right
Dramatic and gothic able to digest
Feathers and hair flesh and bones and the rest
Nothing is wasted we can learn well
that in real terms perhaps we’re the creatures
From hell.

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