To slaughter females that want to live

From our dirty sheds
We have cometh
Caked in shit and soul
We have lived short lives of misery
And face the sheer control
Of the corporate of the energy
The deplorable design
The memory of grassy fields
And being on the line

From the rape rack
To the milking
Our calves all torn away
Artifical insemination
Its sucks and spoils our day
Pumped with the vilest chemicals
And realizing we
Are going to our deaths, Quite soon
That is our destiny

We have no power to change things
We are born to die
To enter into slavery
And every night to cry
Alone of course and saddened
By the removal of our calves
The industry is powerful
They don’t do things by halves

Defenceless very vulnerable
Thats now how we feel
Exhausted by the milking
Collapse for us is real
Emasculated plainly
Incapacitated too
Thwarted by the cruelty
Its what the farmers do

An in disequilibrium
We are powerless to create
Wearied by the treatment
Life’s no longer great
All those gameful memories
Of the green green grass we knew
Dwindles as we totter
Fading out of view

Now in trucks we are loaded
Our destruction it is nigh
The violence and the vehemence
Is coming from the sky
We see and hear the activists
And protectors at the gate
We see their amazing placards
And realise our fate

We are feeling most concerned
For death we know is near
Others want to eat us
And One day they will fear
Their own death on their own slab
As others cut them down
The slaughtermen we see them
As they go to town

The emotion of the moment
Is with us all today
The activists we love you
We just would like to say
Thankyou for your fervour
For your love and for the hope
That we all feel and cannot conceal
As we now walk the slippery slope

Throats all cut a’sunder
Our own blood everwhere
Eyes popping now out of our heads
Although we know you are there
Fighting for our spirits
Fighting for our soul
Fighting for the hopes of many
Under their control

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