The Pink River Dolphin(the king of dark waters)

Where did We come from?
That would be saying
Ten million years ago
Its a long time
There are paleontologists
Hoping to tell you
And for once in our lives
Some one’s written a rhyme.

We may have originally
Been from the ocean
Salt water possibly was our embrace
But now its the fresh water
Where we are staying
The mighty great Amazon
Is in our face

We are designed for the rivers
We dwell in
Shallow and varying depths
Can occur
We see with sound
With our eco location
And Pectoral fins help us to weave around

As to our colour
Age holds the influence
Battle scars
Wounds create the stronger
The more fights We get in
The more wounds We suffer
The pinker We get
And that is a clue

Humans are coming into
Our location
Eating more fish
And pollution of course
We do not have predators
Nothing to speak of
Food really everywhere
Here’s where the source

Is we are really
now in the thick of it
But its the pollution
thats Making us feel
Our race is declining
And we are resigning
Solitary mammals
With so much appeal

In our wildest dreams
From the east we had cometh
Perhaps Pakistan
Resourcefully we
Walked on the land and then
Got back to the water
Were chased up some river
Away from the sea

Creative and lively
Inventive and whimsical
We were the sea fae
The legendary one
We found the Amazon
Forest and river
A basis of wonderment
Under the sun

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