The Pacific Ocean 2

We used to think the ocean
Was indestructible
This massive expanse of water
Could endure
Any amount of pollution
We could throw at it
And still remain remarkably as pure

As any body of water
Could now anywhere
With its great size
And its volume seemingly
Such dilution could take place
A homeopathic dosage base
Its insignificance really
We could see

Take Baja St Ignaccio Lagoon
Its where the greys
The great whales
Come to have their calves
The females love this phase
Of their lives in this sanctuary
With its bottom of soft mud
And extra salty water
And an Oxygen rich flood

Killer whales wont venture
But jtheir babies can float well
16 miles long 4 miles wide
3 massive lagoons where the
Calves can hide
They feel an obvious safeness
Secure and guaranteed
Experential knowledge
That allows them to succeed

Through a narrow sandy channel
Infused by incoming tide
With squids and other fishes
Who swim in here to hide
It clearly is a haven
A gentle place to be
And its where the whales
Seem happy
In their sanctuary

In Baja’s nursery Lagoons
These ferocious grey whales
Take on a friendly character
They breach and flip their tails
They bring their new borns
Over and show them to those who
Come to whale watch every day
And even pet them too

So back out in the ocean
Encounters of this kind
Will never ever happen
Which is why it will blow your mind
To experience the closeness
And the friendliness one feels
Its the mystery of these three lagoons
And what it reveals

In May they make their long trip
Back to the Arctic all that way
Really the longest migration
Something makes them stay
To ponder and to give birth
To relax apparently
Before they begin their return trip back
To the Bering sea

Another creature that turns up
From time to time we see
The black sea nettle
Large swarms occasionally
A dark purple almost black bell
And tentacles so long
Devourers of zoo plankton
And said to be quite strong

In october the great whites turn up
the males and then females
Why they come nobody knows
There are many tales
It could be for the elephant seals
But nobody is sure
Sharks are being slaughtered fast
For them we are at war

100 million killed each year
For sport cosmetics and fins
Females produce at 30
So we are committing sins
Killing all these animals
Every single year
Taking out the predators
Its very very clear

Destruction of the ocean
Is our fault and we
Are ignorant as the day is long
And our arrogance will be such
Creating such Imbalances predator to prey
And we can watch the coral eaten
All along the way

The towering volcanic cliffs
Spring up to arches and again
The diverse sea of Cortez
Where 5000 species grain
In ever flowing tidal currents
Where the plankton flow
And hungry rays the Mobala
Or Devil Rays do show

Sea lions they are everywhere
In rocky coastal veins
The Mobla are getting rarer
Gill plates and fins
The strains
of hunting
Them for China for medicine and soup
Watch the marlin and the sea lion
Bagging sardines they swoop

Into the great fish balls
That swirl in currents they
Do better than if singly
But are plunged into anyway
50′miles per hour and ten feet long they be
The marlin with his sharpened sword
Rushes painfully

On the islands giant cardon cactus grow
Abd they can reach 60 feet
Despite the heat
And weigh 25 tons you know
When night falls the blossoms open
And a pungent odour flies
Attracts the Pallid bat
Who pollinates cacti’s

Cormorants and pelicans
Swim underwater they
Both dive given half the chance
In the Pacific both hold sway
Sardines and anchovies
And the herring too can be
Really full on shoals of them
So good nutritionally

Sea mounts there are many
Massive heights they be
Providing habitation
And big Manta’s we
See them flying fhrough the oceans
With their massive brain
No fish can live up to them
They have so much to gain

They can see themselves in mirrors
And change colour when the need
Their problem now is sxisting
Just trying to succeed
Gill plates and fins
Are startlingly
Causing these souls to be
Slaughtered out the water
Extinction has to be

Very much now on the cards
For their pups are very few
A Fast track to extinction
Its now what they do

Galapagos the islands
And out into the sea
Sea going lizards the iganas
Where they choose to be
The water around the islands
Is cold in fact so they
Have ten minutes of hunting
And then spend the rest of the day

Sunning themselves upon the rocks
With the tortoises and we
See whale sharks hump back whales
And turtles and hammer heads
All be
Use echo location feeding mostly at night
On the squids that come up from the darkness
To bathe in the moon light

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