THe Horseshoe Crab

The philosophy of existence
Apparently extends
To catching hordes of horseshoe crabs
Calling them our friends
Abusing them entirely
By removing from them blood
Its of the bluest colour
A cerulean flood

And why would science do this
To a creature that has been
Around this world for ever
The biomedical scene
At least a half a million
Are tortured in this way
For once taken it turns to jelly
And the medics then they say

It forms a barrier a special barrier
Against bacteria and so
E coli found in insulin
Is protected so we know
Knee replacements and scalpels
Can all be sanitised
Used to detect gram negative
And as such is highly prized

These amazing prehistoric creatures
Shared seas with dinosaurs
440 million years of experience
Lets pause
Longer than the cockroach by 130 million years
The great sham lie of the moon landing
Used there it appears
Wiping down the surfaces imagine thats the need
Abuse another horseshoe crab make the critter bleed

Many more are ground up now
As fertiliser, we
Are arrogant as the day is long
In how we hope to be
Bait for eels and conch
For evil fishermen who say
You cant do better than
Use them and they use them everyday

After the mass extinction
When the greatest souls around
Were finished off these humble souls
Somehow went to ground
They battled through an ice age
But its man un kind who might
Take their precious bodies and their blood
And it just feel right!

As for vegans we must realise
That every injection made
Is using the blood of horseshoe crabs
Its become the miracle aid
Despite their so called intelligence
Still up to this day
They are bleeding crabs of their precious blood
And then throwing them away

NEptune I call on Neptune
The god who rules the sea
To realise that man un kind
Is a bastard actually
These medics doing experiments
On animals should be
Reminded that creation
Knows the score and holds the key

They say they do return the crabs
But with half their blood away
Many die a slow death
And get washed up so they say
On beaches over 1/2 a million
It is a massive lot
This 10 eyed blue blooded ancient
Left in the sun to rot

In fact they are not crabs at all
More spiders of the sea
Surviving the PErmian Period
Truthfully, for me
This ugly nasty experimental stuff
Thats all hush hush
Dressed up in white coats and smiling nurses
Truly in the flush

Of humanity down the lavatory pan
And then out to the sea
We are a bunch of losers
Our experiments actually
Do not amount to much apart
From torture all the way
Horse shoe crabs are victims
Who quietly have to pay

I beg you think more kindly of the animals
Who have to be raped experimented upon and slaughtered
Because we have decided its owrfectly in order.

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