THe Hippo’s Lament

AFter the migration
Of the Mara river we
Saw many many bodies floating
Some precariously
Bloated rapidly spoiling
Getting caught on rocks
Fly blown full of maggots
Smelling like the pox

The stench soon filled the air
Clearly a health hazard
That the crocodiles could share

As the bodies flowed down stream
They were everywhere and it did seem
The Hippo’s resting in their lair
Thought all this was most unfair

the bodies they collected
And stacked them and there they be
Perhaps a hundred wildebeest
Broken limbs stacked high
For crocodiles to service
And vultures to apply
And all the while the HIPPO’s
Who are veggies anyway
Could keep their water free from blood and snot
And out of the way
Of all these rancid bodies
Suppurating in the sun
Its clear the Hippo’s hated it
before the day was done.

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