Killing whales is adding to the planets more rapid demise

The great overtures we hear
Within the ocean
The great whale songs
That lift the mariners hearts
Into perpetuity externally forever
The philosophy of existence that just starts

To resonate in spirits undeniably
For sum and substance
It can reach our core
Its so intensely beautiful
To listen to
Because in actuality its raw

Sound, communication on a level
Far beyond the thought patterns of man
Who feels he is the genius
And animals are lowly
So digitally engaged
And thus no fan

The arrogance spreads forth
Into humanity
A soulless disregard
Spreads near and far
Humiliates cetaceans in the moment
And some nations annihilate our star

They make excuses talking up their culture
Science and research a chosen sphere
Slavery they have brought it back for theme parks
Cruelty beyond the range of fear
Destruction of a species for entertainment
The corporate world of balance sheets and woe
None of them will ever be a prophet
They are low life they are ignorant we know

Whales present a miraculous ascendancy
Tropic cascades an ecological path
Deeply diving and rising to the surface
Sustains the living ocean against the wrath
The evil that is man and his pollution
The over fishing dark mentality
The great whales feed at depths
And create their fecal plumes
Rich in iron and nitrogen
And corresponding blooms

Exciting with their whereforall
Creating a rich stew
Of plankton feeding and sustaining
Enlivening the brew
Through the watery columns
Up and down they go
Creating life around them
And the CO2 does flow

Back down to the darker depths
They take it from the air
They do what chem trails will never do
Their miracle they share
They actually are the angels
They re balance when we err
They undo our damage
Infact I wish we were

All more understanding
Of the role in which they play
For every soul we harpoon
We actually delay
Our progress and our lifes blood
That ethos is all wrong
We are murdering our saviour
Who are singing out their song

Trying to make us realise
The damage that we do
The gill nets and the oil spills
And the plastics now on view
On every beach now everywhere
Our filth it can be seen
It replicates our own blood systems
Darkly and obscene

JApan enslaves the dolphins
And sells them near and far
It slaughters them like crazy
Piths them a great scar
Develops in their karma
The fishermen of TAIJI
The slaughterers are creating
A vile contumacy

Cetaceans belong to no one
They are wild and live in pods
Universally positive each true to their gods
They all live macrobiotically
Unlike the japanese
Who go against the IWC
Just so thet can please

Themselves can make up stories
About tradition and what they do
Lying by enslaving and supplying any zoo
Any corporate arrogance that comes up with some dough
Dealing in blood money
As the activists all know

ICeland and now Norway
Both of them agree
Killing whales is lucrative
And selling them on they be
Getting around the environment uylaws
Pariahs in a way
Also supplying the Japanese
Which helps them all to pay

The Faroese and the grind pursued
Is another ghastly way
Of using their get out of jail card
On any given day
Their dreadful slaughtering tactics
Of umpteen pilot whales
Loaded with methyl mercury
And vast PCB trails

These countries I have spoken of
Are pariahs of the world
Concealing their dark energy
In which they now have hurled
Excuses by the barrel load
Unaffable are they
Stand-offish even haughty
In a purdah of decay

They are selfishly continuing
To in essence affect us all
Parsimonious morons
Our boycotts should now fall
Heavily down upon them
For their intransigence abroad
Unknowingly they are adding to
The price we can’t afford

The geo engineering
The squabbles in the sky
The ugliness dirty pollutive ways
Causing more of rus to die
And all because the treasured whales
Are our saviours of the sea
Singing their vast overtures
Which in turn is theirs soulful plea

With Sea Shepherd now out there
And cove guardians as well
Protectors all around the world
Trying hard to tell
The murderers and enslavers
That what they do is wrong
And the enmity we are faced with
Ignores the great whales song

And what is now a vendetta
An antagonistic mob
Opposed to setting cetaceans free
Each embittered yob
We face each spiteful intolerant
Aggressive to the core
Persecuting the angelic tribe
Which Is breaking GAIA’s law.

6 comments on “Killing whales is adding to the planets more rapid demise

  1. sjoukje wielinga on said:


  2. Ellen Perkins on said:

    Beautiful and true. Heartbreaking.

  3. Col Dac Shepherd on said:

    What great words of truth and to how humanity is anhialating the oceans globally and depleting them of wonderful creatures.Thank You Rex for these words of wisdom that all on this planet should hear,we shall continue in Seashepherd to Protect Conserve and Defend until our oceans and wildlife are protected internationally and all our clients in it.Love and respect Rex always. ☠️⚓️

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