I need respect to resurface

SHared habitats are causal
In the absolute decline
Of the very precious Vaquita
The sea cow most divine
Lives in the gulf of California
And the sea of Cortez
Critically endangered
So everybody says

And what a commotion
The TOTOABA does present
A really terrible problem
That is far from heaven sent
It originates in China
And illegality
From Mexicans who make fast bucks
By stealing from the sea

Gill nets they are awful
And by catch is the way
sea cows are being slaughtered
And are being made to pay
Close now to extinction
The drum totoaba fish
Has a large swim bladder
Added to a fine soup dish

The chinese are responsible
For this poor souls demise
The mexicans lack all respect
To try and gain their prize
The vaquita is the victim
Perishing in the nets
And thrown away like garbage
With all of heavens debts

A sea pen being erected
Will not come in time
The animals are dying daily
And the awaited climb
In numbers seems impossible
And mexico now knows
That if the pen is not ready
Extinction well it grows

Help us will you help us?
Get these chinese to say NO
Swim bladder soup is awful
And we porpoises,we know
We are being suffocated
In those gill nets tragically
And lack of clear respect for us
Heralds mortality

*Wild lens films highlighting now

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