GIbbon the state of the world its no wonder torture is for me

I have little to think about
But despite that
The trees in the jungle
Where I was at
The whole social order
Of living where I
Was born was rewarding
But that I now die

In a cage far away
From my country of birth
In some medical laboratory
And that my worth
Is experimentation
Or torture to you
Cutting me about
That is what they do

I look a real wreck
And I feel awful too
So many wounds
Left after they do
Their investigations
It is hard to heal
When they do not wash down
And this does reveal

Horrible scars
and infections for me
I cannot sit down
for my bottom you see
Its cut about badly
and its festered as well
This cage is so small
and there is a smell

Its me
yes I realise I am now ill
So many cuts
how am I living still?
They squirt stuff in my eyes
And also in my ears
Inducing in me
A whole shaft of tears

And I sit, well more lay, on my side
Feeling bad
I dont get the painkillers
Which is rather sad
My wounds get infected
And thats when they smell
From the jungle I came
And have now reached their Hell

I so miss my family
They probably feel
I was eaten by something
I became their meal
And thats the worst feeling
Because being alive
Being an experiment
Its hard to revive
Oneself after surgery
That much I know
To get back into living
And joining the flow

This cage really stinks
Its never been cleaned
The food that they throw at me
It has demeaned
Me to the point, I dont want to go on
Why dont they kill me
Then I’d be gone

Off to the Rainbow Bridge
Far far away
Away from these sins
And this filth
I so pay
A high price for living
For giving my all
For some cleaning product
That makes my flesh crawl.

Whilst the public who buy this crap
Dont seem to care
As long as its cheap
They remain unaware
Of the plight of us animals
Stuck in our cage
Subjected to agony
Thats off the page

They go to these corporates
Who poison you
Nothing on labels
But they screw you too
As for me and my ape friends
We suffer so
What you lot should do
Is care more and show

You care by not buying
This chemical shit
That I am now dying for
Just where I sit
On an arse full of sores
Induced by the man
With his scalpels etc
Who is never a fan

I beg you to think
And to spend a bit more
Or make up your own cleaning products
I ‘m sure
White vinegar and baking powder
Would be good
Much cheaper and healthier
And then you could

Say two fingers to P&G
And other firms
Who carry on torturing us
Without true terms
We have no one fighting for us
We are victims
In the corporate war.


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