Beltaine is upon us
The arctic wind is too
We have had all the spring bulbs out
Rising with the dew
We saw the many dandelions
Advance and go to seed
And now we see the bluebell gangs
And hear their song indeed.

The light is bright and avid
And brings us leaves of green
The hawthorn decked with blossoms
To brighten up the scene
Raise the maypoles
decked with ribbons
Lets dance lets make a show
Where is the green man hiding?
Yes I want to know

CEmmunos of the wild woods
Who comes out for Beltaine
Bring on the morris dancers
Lets tap our feet again
The bees are going through it
Collapse wifi and more
These pollinating angels
We need to love them more

The Cotswold Order will be at
The Rollrights on the green
With the ring of soldiers
Who were turned to stone
And have been
Waiting for our magic
To turn them back again
The ritual of the blossoms
Our melodious refrain

We need some positivity
To break the negative hold
We need to inject some sunshine
And in its rays be rolled.
hold hands and love each other
And understand the worth
For with our natural energy
We return to planet earth

The soul urge of our making
The fertility of life
The conjuring up of spirit
And an end to woe and strife
We need the sun to smile on us
And fill our hearts with joy
To peel back all those crazy clouds
And we then need to employ

The tenderness of effort
To await the summer’s smile
The laughter of the moment
If only for a while.
To break the hex of cold spells
Of frost to threaten so
We need the flush of Litha
So all the plants can grow

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