Avebury thats in Wiltshire

Avebury rose in my estimation
To hanker in my soul
A metaphysical realization
Of existence as a role
With little mechanization
But for the power of man
Great obelisks stand silent
Long centuries they span

Enduring the eyes of many
They cast their shadows wide
Mere mortals may pay homage
As others are denied
Their privilege of history
Of what for them maybe
Unreal perhaps unfounded
By historicity

The sun was clearly positive
The sky was clearly blue
The rape was clearly yellow
Great swathes of it did woo
The avid eye, the beating heart
The palpable the true
These standing stones
These hills these barrows
All Ancient sites on view

The Red Lion thatched and decked with
Got to work to make
Lunch for hungry diners
Hopeful soon to take
The valleys and the dingles
And the history to task
All the ancient geometry
You only had to ask

The friends who came
Were relaxed, we lunched and chatted for a while
We watched and took in all ot it
And Tried to reconcile
All the splendid circles
Felt their weighty grin
A sanctuary of peacefulness
That seemed to underpin

Its really very striking
The landscape one can see
Are we in awe of history
Or really can we be
Imagining these unhewn stones
Erected and in place
Earthworks of such a magnitude
Just there in our face

Silbury hill the largest
Artificial mound to rise
A kind of spiral castle
Peering to the skies
My disablement reminding me
How futile is my worth
Compared to those who laboured long
Working with the earth

We are truly diminuitive
Cosmology fading fast
The imagery is too perhaps
Behold the light thats cast
On these mysterious movements
The mounts and dykes that do
Warrant a spot of dowsing
To feel if its all true

The Cotswold Order of Druids
Relaxed at Avebury
Sharing a bit of gentle time
An opportunity
To walk a while
To think a mile
A pot pourri of souls
embracing and retracing
A myriad of goals

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