Whose a handsome boy then?

A joyful disposition
A euphoria for life
Fulfilment every single day
Each excursion sees no strife
Blessed by the almighty
Confident and strong
No reason to grumble
Serenity and song

A youth with such high spirits
Elevated by
The irrepressible environment
That twinkle in his eye
A coat of many colours
Patterning of class
A Leopard free of tedium
Able just to pass

Each day with thrill and learning
With a handsomeness that shows
Able to hunt with impunity
With the kind of hope that glows
Not being unduly fearful
A feline knight lets say
Able to take bold chances
And to get away

A princely soul among the beasts
The marvel of the piece
A wizard in the making
Able to release
A passion for the living
A breathtaking look
A performance that is outstanding
As if a picture book

Had come to life
The photographer had admitted
To the pose
Creations sense of wonderment
Nobody could have chose
A more noteworthy animal
In the forefront of his breed
With a reputation building
And a power soon fit to lead

Inspired by my friend Susan Lane
Of a picture on fAcebook


2 comments on “Whose a handsome boy then?

  1. susan lane on said:

    Thanx you Rex … stunning!!!

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