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Below the famous cobbles Theres a river running free Beehive rooms and neolithic caverns Where there be Piles of rocks all piled up And cavernous displays Evidence of pagan worship And medieval leys THe River Poddle Took the viking long … Continue reading

Child of the wilderness

A powerful kind of critter Likened to a machine 30pounds of muscle Known as the wolverine A great survivability With endurance and such grit Loves the Northern Wilderness For me they are a hit Supremely wild and mystical A phantom … Continue reading

It could only be England

Blue Bells and hailstones The realness attested The dandelions roared With their confident smile Without being negative The Hawthorn threw blossom Scented and gorgeous Mile after mile With the fae in the meadows The clocks ticking quietly The breeze sends … Continue reading

Subsistence whaling

Feeding the community A task some see as fun Striking at a bowhead whale When all is said and done Has a degree of valour But a species of this kind That has swum around for two hundred years A … Continue reading

Warrior of the jade stem

Bangladesh the vile ordeal Of working in the forests where Bamboo grows tall to the sky We warriors cut it Which is why The jade stem green and verdant Is carried by us and we Put it on the river … Continue reading


The wildness personifies Nature’s true meaning The immortal Atlantic Its battle supreme Ireland stands strong Holding back the great giant Its cliffs rising purposefully And they do seem To Honour this emerald isle And its elements Thrown up in an … Continue reading

DJibouti to Hargeisa you take your life in your hands

The oldest and most dillapidated road trucks Ply this route its difficult and hard Loaded up with all sorts its so dangerous On unmade roads you have to be on guard Every moment of the long long journey There are … Continue reading

Wild Ireland and Skellig Rocks

It looks like a beehive Monks once did build In the 6th century how did they weild Their axes and shoulders With local stone they Struggled up all those steps Over the bay And there stands the monastery With So … Continue reading

THe Hippo’s Lament

AFter the migration Of the Mara river we Saw many many bodies floating Some precariously Bloated rapidly spoiling Getting caught on rocks Fly blown full of maggots Smelling like the pox The stench soon filled the air Clearly a health … Continue reading

VULTURES and human carnivores

We look at the scavengers And they appear Really rather ugly Though its actually clear Those that eat carrion Much of it though Is fresher than carnivores Eat here, you know Jackals and wild dogs and Hyena’s Are Providing a … Continue reading