Whale sharks of the Galapagos

What is it that makes the whale sharks
To come to the Galapagos
No one’s denied
Their beauty their wondrousness
How they pacify
Anyone passing
And wondering why

The last ocean sanctuaries
Seemed so jam full
Changeable currants
One hell of a pull
ECuador’s islands
Forgotten by time
On the land and the sea
Its really where I’m

So fascinated, what is there to see
The great giant souls
Pregnant females who be
Here for the plankton the krill maybe so
Whatever quite soon
All of them go
Some north and east to Peru
Which is why
We tag them to track them
And learn to rely

This is Darwin Island
And the magnificent arch
These great spotted beasts
Whose apparent march
Can be must forever
Nobody knows
Till this satellite tracking
Data just grows

At 18 metres long
And 30 tons weight
They can live 70 years
And they are quite sedate
Swimming mouths open
Scooping so much
Of the plankton into them
They are so in touch

With the ocean they live in
Undeniably so
Its the sum and the substance
The immortal flow
They have swum here for aeons
And as we know
Were already here
When the dinosaurs came
Designed to perfection
For they have stayed the same

China unfortunately
Dares to advance
Hunting these creatures
When they get the chance
For their fins nit for soup
But for decoration
Dried in shop windows
As a celebration

And oil from their blubber
Used for proofing clothes
These silent sentinels
Everyone loathes
This terrible waste of such a
Beautiful soul
Whose gentle persuasion
Ofcourse they enrol

The flesh is so white
When its cooked that they call
It “tofu”shark
And as a rule
This majestic whale
Is butchered in pain
Just sliced up alive
As its warm blood does drain

The galapagos islands
Have seen visitors come
The giant tortoises
Washed in and some
Iguana came on rafts
Myriad souls
Unique varieties
Each with their own roles

What of their fates
In the oceans of grime
Great showers of plastic
And ugly slime
Dark fukushima its evil
Spreads large
Cesium and strontium
No camouflage
on earth
Can prevent
Impregnation now by
The currents the invisible soup
To belie

The threats just a maniac
Now would accept
That the PAcific Ocean
HOw ever adept
You are at withstanding
The Natural World
What We are now doing
As we are all hurled
Into its maelstrom of evil intent
Which i can assure you
In not heaven sent.

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