Under the ice

The world beneath her
Under the Finnish Ice
To lower oneself down into the sea
Through a hole you have made
throw the dice

In a prism of light
Where Bubble worlds be
Where such silence exists
Having the faith and the confidence too
Find the window you made
That was wondrously blue
Edges astound in a magickal way
Its an enchanting place
In a breath so to say

Where Its cold and its traquil
Leave nothing to chance
Be impressed by the movement
The swirl of the dance
Be humbled by being
Alone in such peace
Be courteous always
Its a very short lease

You Cannot be complacent
You Cannot lose your way
Embracing the miracle
Thats here to stay
Venerate vastly
All the intensity
The lustre the glow
Its where we be

Brought to a head
Up above an below
Back up to the surface
To try and bestow
That miraculous gas
That so many must share
Oxygen it does bring
So much thats rare

You need to be, clearheaded
In all that you do
Have an eye like before
With that sublimnal hue
The psychic persuasion
Thought transference to
Creating a spirit that is what you do

Under that sheet ice
The froth and the cream
The petillsnt fizz
Like some gentle dream
That floats around here and there
Symbiosis is living
It feels good to be

Back at the window
Sucking the air down into tired lungs
Close to despair
Draining the inner child
Soaking with sighs
Including the glimpses
Of shadowy size

Up again sucking the air
And the pain
The activist reckons
So much more we gain
From drawing in oxygen
Deep in our soul
Coping with miracles
And with control

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