Flood control fish protection
Carbon storage and water purification
Wild life habitats truthfully
Are this planets real salvation
The indigenous guardian peoples
Identified this, they
Took on the task of giving
To the environment each day

Slow moving stagnant waters
Near lakes and rivers they
Are of low property value
But ecologically they pay
Considerably to the equilibrium
Thats around today
And Louisiana holds great worth
Whatever people say

A swamp is a forested wet land
A unique place to be
Indigenous and migratory wildlife
Live safely and live free
Tall cypresses and palms exist
And BIGFOOT its said too
Has been seen at HONEY Island
And some believe its true

Racoons minks and wild cats
Tend to pull the traps
The wilderness is a crazy place
With phantom hairy wraps
Hanging from the branches
Rootless Spanish Moss
Sone have called it tree hair
And also types of moss

Lying quietly all about
A prehistoric soul
Olive green grey sentinels
With their deft control
Alligators love marshmallows
As the locals know
They be sweet and fluffy
And significantly though
But They really are intelligent
Hiding as they do
Using their natural camouflage
To disappear from view

Honey Island the second largest
Swamp around today
Delta’s dams smaller canals
Bayou’s are the way
A stillness and a peacefulness
To actually allay

Those who had imagined
The errie atmosphere
Really there was much to do
If staying it was clear
animals were present
Fishes present to
Trappers after game to sell
Do what murderers do

Swamps are precious places
To kayak through the bayou’s
Bring you closer to real life
Which has to be real good news
A Remote and deserted haven afterall
For rodents and for reptiles
The whole world
To enthrall

Cajun and American First People
Have lived in harmony
Close to the earth and water
Than ever you and me
Who eat and sleep for swamp days
Its in their very aoul
And with all these major swamps about
The planet Has kept control

In Iraq a certain Azzam Alwash
Went back there
to see
And got people to help him
With Saddam Hussain a plea
to drain the swamp
Replacing it with rubble
Which he denied
He totally destroyed the trees
and the habitat inside
Which now has been returned to life
By a little thought we see
The habitat returning
To its true glory

They really are priceless areas
Giving back so much
All sorts of partly submerged trees
So close that one can touch
People have tried to drain the swamps
But its not a good idea
The wetlands are impressive places
And its essential that they are here.

This planet values all its areas
They all provide for a wealth of creatures
And man should live up to his name
And remain kind to them all.

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