Existence for them
Has miraculously
Created a world
Whose historicity
Is one that no matter
How tiny they be
They frighten the humans
But how can that be?

Air breathing arthropods
Silk weaving souls
With 4 pairs of eyes
Who take on many roles
They have fangs and venom
And are all on the web
So many species
But their lives seldom ebb
For they flow and they blow
On their silk atrings they fly
Over the bhshes and into the sky

A lifespan of two years
So not all that long
Their silk on the other
Is really strong
Tarantulas live 25 years
For they are fortunate
Really to live for the day
Silk glands in their feet
Imagine if we
Could could make we s with out toes
Such dexterity

More women than men
Seem frightened it seems
Though children see problems
The come in their dreams
Often when named we go to the bath
And that when we see them
Making their path
Right by the plug hole
Thats when we feel
Intimidated alarmed for real
We see hair where there is no hair
Anxious we feel
In mortal terror
They are erratic and
Have lots of legginess
We understand

They are sudden movers
And do move with speed
They can get in our bed
And in there they can feed
On us thats our problem
Angst and anxiety
And trepidation

They have great courage
I have one on my car
Sits on my mirror
No matter how far
I drive or how fast
He is always there

Clearly a hunter
Who catches the flies
The gnats and the mosquitis
Under our eyes
He hangs on for dear life
With the aid of his silk
Restoring his foot hold
And stuff of that ilk

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