Such tiny cages
Screaming laments
Total frustration
Many atttempts
Blue gloved technicians
Come to be there
Taxpayer funded
Though few are aware

The sedated mother
Lifeless she lays
Head on one side
Some awful malaise
Set full of grief
Drugged up to the eyes
Her baby is frantic
He does not realise

He touches her
Loves her but there is no response
She is dead to the world
The diodes in her bonce
Look bloody and evil
And ugly and sore
Who in the world
Could imagine this more

Her baby is left
With its grimace of hell
What can it do for its mother
Pray tell
Where is that angel
That comforts and cares
With all the emotion
Of wildness that shares

She is lost to his world
Thats when he feels alone
He too an experiment
Just hear him moan
Its enough to induce in you
Tears in quick flow
And a curious ache
In your body below

Huddled together
Their terror we see
Those who have eyes
Who can sensitively
Imagine the agony
With hearts that know
What we do in dark places
And refuse to show

But for PETA who brings
Light into this regime
The darkest of dream
In our names they do this
And have all along
Routine operations
For the great throng

Us yes we psycho’s
Who buy the cheap crap
Who want all the potions
Really to slap
On our ugly faces
The plaster to fill
The cracks in our body
That will be there still

Yes its because we allow
All this shit
This corporate slavery
Where does it sit
With you Mr long nose
Or you Mrs Arse
When you get your great bargains
And feel just first class

Yes its all happening
Evils galore
The wild ones are tortured
And for evermore
Captured and shipped and experimented on
Thousands are treated
Until life is gone

For our fucking detergents
Our perfumes our shit
We put down our bogs
Where does it sit
With you MR KNOwall
How do you feel
In the dark of the night
When you hear babies squeal

Its in your subconscious
Laboratory wallers
Who fix their diodes
Making their dollars
Making their euros makingtheir pounds
Go further and further
Such evil astounds

We cant wait to buy up
The drugs and the stuff
Queue up and give them
The dosh feeling rough
Some of us maybe
Pick up on the pain
As the poor little monkeys
Blood drips down the drain

They are suffering so
With this ugly charade
Their stock in trade
Sadistic robots
Unwilling to change
Obsessed and inflexible
Across the range

They do a disservice
To the Natural World
They are the plague
And they have hurled
Their calamitous sin
Into daily events
For our ointments and powders
That do not make sense

Contusions and bruises
And fractures we see
On sweet little monkeys
Victims they be
Savaged and traumatized
Punctured and sore
Stitched up and punctured again
Whats it for?

This is a scourge
On humanities side
A dark imposition
Oh yes its denied
Bacterium injected
Nerve gas and more
Parlous exposure
Its as if a war

Has suddenly hit them
Defenceless they scream
So much insecurity
They cannot redeem
The gathering clouds
Their precariousness
Beset with perils
The ultimate stress

THANKYOU PETA For shining some light
On this awful human waste of wild animals
For experimentation

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