Fish farming

Nothingness and emptiness
An insidious degree
Destruction of a species
For profitability
Unreal a groundless motive
Existence without thought
A phenomenal disclosure
An abstration that is sought

Unclassifiabilty with a consequence
To bear
The wrong association
A deviation where
Unidentified material
Hidden from the eye
With contrainducations
Supported by a lie

Corruption it is everwhere
A bittersweet refrain
Disharmony each variant
Contrasting the insane
Each diagnostic principle
Disparagingly is found
Added by the ignorant
And there are lots of them around

In Norways icy fjords
Where glaciars and cliffs
Rise up to the heavens
Occasionally strong whiffs
Of chemicals are noted
Being used in sea born tanks
Where salmon are farmed
And are daily harmed
For profit in the ranks

There is no similarity
Between farmed fish and wild
Except to say they both are fish
A parable defiled
Out into emotion the devotion of us all
The divergence and unrealistic
Facets that we haul
Its a slavish imitation
A plagiarism and
Its wrapped up in a chemical bond
Alien to this land

Truly a health disaster
Of such toxicity
Neurotoxic chemicals
How now can that be?
Operatives in gas masks
And heavy protective gear
And residues below the water
That can only bring much fear

Much discord and controversy
And conflicting evidence
Many chemicals used today
Truly make no sense
They are unsuitable and inappropriate
For they
Are really very dangerous
In the cold light of the day

And there they sit on ice
In supermarkets of your choice
Priced up fairly cheaply
One hears the softest voice
Buy some its subliminal
Omega three maybe
Once recouped the contract
Exchanged for all to see

When for profit fish size matters
And the growth spurt matters too
The transcendance of the corporation
Whose supremacy is true
Run by those who whisper in laboratories
Of increases in chemicals
And of many we do not know
The buildup its all postive
Advertising roars
We note intensifcation
Worthy of much applause

Budgets ever increasing
Contamination too
Admixtures nobody knows about
A hodgepodge that may do
You no good thats for certain
Analysis has shown
But science keeps a lid on it
And the researchers they have flown

So much of what is now around
Comes from the Baltis sea a closed sea
Heavily polluted its where no fish ought be
The fatty fish especially are prone
To chemicals they
Take up many many more
Every single day

A foreignness is created
Extraneously infringing and invading
An irregularity
Masses of awful pesticide
To offset sea lice they
Are encouraged in great numbers to come
And do most every day

Chaos and dark mayhem
Bedlam down below
Residues and fish shit
And stuff no one does know
Its lacking any order
Its a complicated stew
Translocated ugliness
Declassified for you

Corruption in high places
Ministerial muck
And end game so upsetting
Where most don’t give a fuck
They are making money
Have shares and dividends
Everything is solid
Its profit among friends

After oil Norways resource is
Fish and this therefore
Are best kept really under wraps
Genetic mutations are there
But we dont see
Chops their heads off
Tear their skin off
And they seem to be

Really healthy looking
On the trained eye
Ever sees whats going on
Or in the white fish pie
Endosulohan dieldrin adrin PCB
A very much higher fat content
And high toxicity

The additive ethoxyquin
And antioxidant
Is added to the fish meal
Its money well spent
For it masks all oxidation
But its a nasty thing
Causing hormonal imbalances
Where rancidity was king

In vietnam the the pangar
Cones from the mekong
Much from tiny tributaries
And this much I know is wrong
The voracious fish eat quantities
Of fish meal everyday
Full of crappy toxins
And water so they pay

Their way they make huge profits
The margin it is great
Before they are shipped a polyphosphate bath
Helps to inflate profit even further
For the water content can
Raise the deAd weight of the fish
Which is a proper plan

Production is enormous
Margin they are high
Contaminations ghastly
It stretches to the sky
Ponds and ponds of voracious fish
Tasteless odourless crap
Flavoured with whatever sause
That seemingly they wrap

All the fish are sick though
Bleeding from their gills
Their livers many are ruptured
And all this chemical kills
Household waste is dumped into the mekong everyday
And drugs too many undisclosed
In the residue

Loads of antibiotics and drugs of every sought
And these fish have to live on that
EVeryone thats bought
Ends up in the filet and in the fish pie
And its not on the label either
Nor is the despair

Processes are everywhere vegans should relate
All these different bits of fish
None of it you would rate
Normally but its all churned up
With additives and more
And frozen into solid bricks
Of what is blood and gore

In europe fish has no controls
To speak of anymore
Much is unfit for consumption
Which the public still ignore
Analysis of content in chemists though
Often throws up discrepancies
Which just goes to show

If environments are filthy
And the fish are sickly too
And all the added chemicals
Form a dangerous brew
And with little regulated
Its no wonder cancers are
On the increase everywhere
For me they do nkt star

Anywhere in my meals
But supermarkets do
Sell all sorts of processed
And ofcourse restaurants too
PAngar cod and pollack
Bass and god knows what
Dosed up with many chemicals
Our diets gone to pot

Its no wonder folk are getting ill
And antibiotics tend
Not to work for many
And certainly dont lend
A helping hand to infections
Now not any more
The vegans maybe the only ones
Who really kniw whats for

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