Time is a great leveller

Eternity thats a very long time
Apparently so the length of this rhyme
And beyond through our lifetimes
Possibly so
But Chernobyl was terror
Which most of us know

CHernobyl and Prepiat
And the villages too
Some 400,000 evacuees true
Tainted forever
Vast swathes are lost
Uranium and strontium
And now the cost
In millions of years
The greatest of crimes
For humans ofcourse
Just a sign of the times

It was 600 times worse than Hiroshima
Villages were buried
Soil carted away
600,000 an army of workers
Needed to work on the land
Day to day

In so many life times
This land it will never
Be used and be lived upon
By humans for we
See The great mother
Doing her damndest to bring
Back the wilderness
So wild and free

Creation can manage
In actuality
The fundamentals are ongoing
And they
Can just be managed
Let the wildness of nature
Find its own level
For thats the best way

For us it is over
Wasted and lost
But what of wild nature
Has there been a cost
Any ramifications
Or with us out of the way
Positives happening
Now everyday

Buildings are empty
Falling apart
But the flowers and the trees
They are at the heart
They green up the cities and enter
The town
sending their tendrils
And green shoots to drown

Out all the spaces
And animals some
Have taken up residence
A rule of thumb
Its very much cooler
In summer to be
Than outside in the hot sun
We see

NAture in charge
Running the show
Without human beings
Things still do grow
The greening of pripiat
Its everywhere
And the animals love it
Just to be there

The forests return
The marshes too
Thanks to the beavers
Whose struggles are true
BIson and Deer and a whole host
Of souls from boars through to dormice
The most

But we cannot manage
Not in the dead zone
Where wolves and eagles
Clearly have shown
They live well and eat well
And live a full life
Where there are no hunters
And no human strife

Time waits for no one
That much is true
But the wolves and the animals
Clearly they do
Do better in wilderness than
Near to those
Their numbers consistent
To before which just shows

We may seek little time
But they can be
under their own steam
That Is the key
100 wolves live and die
In this place
Exactly,the same figure
Which is the case

Clearly its desolate
But very green
Trees bending over
In Autumn the scene
Is one of
The ungulates eating their way
Through fruit trees and bushes
Where an abundance does play

Time is a leveller
That maybe so
The buildings are crumbling
From the weight of the snow
But fruits flowers and berbs
In profusion do climb
Up to the sky in the fullness of time

ContaminAtion it is everywhere
Science is there its research it does share
The great eco system apparently thrives
Where there are no humans
The world still survives
No matter how chilling
Life can go on
The wildness is beautiful
Out there upon

The fields and the branches
Great blossoms entwine
And the birds and the bees
Come and all seems divine

No noise no pollution
Added to what
Chenobyl coughed out
And clearly they have got
The threats of cancer
In the distance and they
If they work close to this lot
Are going to pay.

But the animals and the plants are coping
Only the humans would be destroyed there

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