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Born in Guatamala And sent to El Salvador A 15 year old Hippo Somebody started a war Beat this giant senseless Thrashed him until he died Despite the aggression from street gangs People are mystified Here was the peoples favourite … Continue reading


FArm animals have no rights To life and sanity They are born to die Born to cry And its our inhumanity Its calamitous behaviour Divisible ofcourse Almost 10 million pigs are slaughtered Thats a lot of apple sauce! 15 million … Continue reading

Sam the Lamb

OK so I am a Lamb I bleat, that is my thing You people think we are idiots But to this world we bring Joy just watch us Dance and leap and joyfully engage Ok I am a Lamb my … Continue reading

True love for all beings

THe arena of life Whose forests we know A warrioress with that kind Of glow A great alder shield In the hustings alone Taking on ignorance That others have sown Some protect all Others turn away Some believe lies And … Continue reading


MYthology brought us The Harpies no wilder Wind spirits were there transporters of the dead Into Hades With bodies of eagles And faces aware Creation the great natural Phenomenon gave us A raptor a realization The great Harpy Eagle A … Continue reading

E Jiao (Donkey hide gelatin)

TRaditional Chinese Medicine Creates victims everywhere Millions face the good old chop And hours of true despair The donkeys for example A gentle soul they be A fact of life undeniably Whose possibility Has been to work and laboured long … Continue reading

Time is a great leveller

Eternity thats a very long time Apparently so the length of this rhyme And beyond through our lifetimes Possibly so But Chernobyl was terror Which most of us know CHernobyl and Prepiat And the villages too Some 400,000 evacuees true … Continue reading


A philosopher who took it upon himself As many do To think about the rights that animals Have and it was his view As a professor he had found It was the path to be on For him the very … Continue reading

Orca show

Orca’s great fin Drives along They win Blue sea come look Rippling muscles I just shook Eyes open that was me Sunlight on An olive sea Watch them leap Watch them go A Writhing scything Picture show Energy so much … Continue reading

Just part of the family

EQuality of life on earth Equivalence for all A dog a loyal family member Who answers every call To be a guard In a kennel in the rain The frost the cold On a chain to hold Yea life for … Continue reading