Creation its causation
Its motivation for
The miracle of yes the wolf
Not a moment more
Should be devoted to a reason
To murder and to maim
A true italian hero
The wild wolf yes by name

There are many undercurrents
Determining their fate
No astrological influence
Just the ugly reprobate
The farmers and the slaughterman
And the hunters and their creed
Who feel the time is again right
To makes these heroes bleed

Study them don’t murder them
Learn from them, for they
Have all their ancestral knowledge
With them every day
They have a world wide language
That everyone does know
The howling like the
Very wind that comes before
The snow

The mountains is their forage
Their overhanging tour
Wild beasts of that wilderness
For them less does mean more
Horror stories written into hearts and minds
May make
Those who range against them feel
Fear for their own sake

Wolves are truly miracles
Creators in their own right
Their feral characteristics
Profer an oversight
They can change the course of rivers
Predators supreme
Whether there are sheep or cattle
The wolf works with his team

They will find a food source
Creation made it so
The fact that man introduces sheep
And cows as well we know
The wolves they all are hunters
And they will chase down boar
The weaker the disabled the elders
They will floor

Those that is the instinctive wisdom
Of the wild brigade
For ITALY to allow commerce
To instigate and raid
Creation and to castigate the foragers
Who are
Painting and sculpting the environment
And who actually are the star

Performers in the wilderness
They balance and perform
Saplings grow and song birds show
And insects really warm
To wolves, who bring their artists brush
And paints along so we
Can open our eyes to the magick
That glows eternally

Farmers holding sheep and cows
Care little for their fight
Its to torturing the animAls
And all of this inspite
Of animals having rights to live
But in farms they all will die
And thats okay for its pays their bills
So they therefore live a lie

I dont have to kill animals
I don’t wish to anyway
I can just appereciate the miracle
And say
All received the majesty the enhancement
And the care
No farmer can create a cow
No farmer is aware

How intricate how miraculous
It is to create life
Its easy just to buy a gun
And create such strife
Imbalancing prey animals
And altering the green
Losing sight of GAIA
And the whole organic scene

Wolves are friends of everyone
They are mentors for our soul
Decapitating wolves and hanging them out
Is a sick toll
On humanity ITALY they are criminals and they
Need locking up and their faces
Should be published right away

For they should build high fences
Protect their stock but they
Imagine they can run their livestock
Where the wolves do play
They are wild and presented
With Animals that dont run
They were never meant to be there
When all is said and done

And the sheep and cows
Will all be dead
In the twinkling of an eye
These farmers they care nothing for them
Their squealing is one big lie
If they couldn’t sell them
If people wouldnt eat
Their chemical induced product
Wolves wouldnt get this treat

But let me tell you honestly
The food the wolves consume
Is superior to the flesh that human beings
For doom
and gloom
and varied chemicals
And such torture thats within
The domesticated miracle
An agricultural sin

leave your wolves alone
The farmers give them instructions
To protect for it is shown
Wolves prefer wild foraging
The chemical induced will weaken
Wolves thet know above all else
That wild food is their beacon

It gives them all the nutrients
Of course that they all need
To fight the cold to run all day
And hunt and to succeed
Its full of truthful life force
Not drugged up to the eyes
With all the antibiotics
And hormones in the guise

Of what we think is purposeful
When of course they are not at all
They are not fed on wild foraged foods
And perhaps there is now a school
Of thought that the wild creatures
Are much fitter for sure
For they eat what GAIA provides for them
Not the commercial crap and more

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