WIllow wonderment

From a twig a simple twig
I fell to earth
And I could feel
The life force
It excited me
That I could be
A Willow Tree

In essence absolutely
Tangible was I
The sap drawn from the
River’s edge
Would take me to the sky

I can whisper to my goddess
Hecate to see
If one day
The great
ORpheus may also
Carry me

I look up at my mother
And her creativity
Her freshness and her newness
It is what i want
To be

Genuine and authentic
To somehouw emulate
The might and the intensity
Her grandness
I can’t wait
All those lunar rhythms
And yet be as sedate

Her abundance and immensity
Her branches overflowing
Wide ranging ever reaching
Always knowing

Sinking my white roots
Into the loamy leafy earth
The moon was going to call me
All that energy
And worth

I though small was bursting
With integrity and zeal
The great cauldron of knowledge
For me seemed very real

Brigit held her fire festival
During my monthly time
Imbolc Spring’s procession
To make its upward climb

Despite the showers of rain
That fell
A modicum of power
The romance in my honest
The wisdom of each hour

Dainty delicate fragile
Compact though in a way
On the brink of stardom
With a prevalence to sway

A pinnacle of passion
A vantage to be seen
In the footsteps in her shadow
I too now would lean

Across the sparkling river
Coursing to the sea
Each gurgle flow and murmur
Where i needed to be

Each breath of life
Each flurry the squall the blast the blow
I had now to strengthen
And push my roots down low

That is the essential energy
Of upwards to the sky
And downwoods with my
Searching roots
Where nutrients
Do lie

Ogham five/ the ovate
Within my bark i hold
Salicin to quell the pain
Of rheumatic tracks
Of old

My catkins will come early
With nectar for the bees
Who are suffering like crazy
From the arrogant disease

Wholeness an integrity
Thats overlooked these days
The universal principle
That everbody pays

In part but some are wanting
They try to get away
With ever doing their bit
Their regimen is way

Outside of their being
Their entirety
They refuse to pay a fraction
Then their destiny

May not reach to the heavens
Defective they may be
Inadequate and lacking
The true capacity

Tough roots track adversity
Interlacing they
Protect the bank from weakness
On any given day

Never close to buildings
The river and the stream
Its where our heart is rooted
And where aphid faeries dream

Our ancestral home was China
But we are spread near and far
At Immortality and re birth
Willow is the star

The witches make their brooms
From us
And when the raindrops fall
They resemble tears
From a maidens eyes
From Beijing to Bengal

Unlike the YEW or Chestnut
Our life span on this earth
Is one of perhaps thirty years
But then we do give birth

And we are situated
In glorious countryside
Where every day is a picture
Which cannot be denied

Our need is cool fresh water
And a close proximity
To the moon and all its glory
In our branches you may see

Historicity and order
To a spellbinding degree
Compelling and symmetrical
That how we are seen to be

Each emergence from the litter
Never fraught with fear
We have the constitution
And, can soon break clear

Many lovely animals
Come by to say hello
Rabbits beavers deers all feed
On the goodness we bestow

Moonwort primrose
An mistletoe
Are pals who like to be
In concert with the WILLOW
HEcate’s favourite tree

DR Bach was satisfied
A remedy we be
They use our branches
For wands snd flutes
And for charcoal

Baskets arches willow rods
Genus salix we
All our buds are lateral
We are the whispering tree

Seneca suggested this
And, he ought to know
Being a stoic philosopher
From many years ago

A dramatist and humourist
Bringing laughter to the court
Often he counselled NERO
Through the pains that he had sought

Solace from a Willow
From the gathering he saw
As Napolean much later
Loved to look up and see more

Through our splendid branches
Whose leaves come early and
Are last to leave as Winter bites
The kiss of brimstone fanned

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