To me it is proven

The power of the proven
The profusion of grace
The female persuasion
The eternal embrace

The love hate desire
Of the true female form
The felicitous haven
Sensuously warm

Risen from a womb
From a room in a soul
The great dowager
With a quest of control

Weaker by stature
But never by heart
So many sacrifices
Where must we start

Delicate thresholds
In time, lie exposed
Perceiving believing
The energy posed

By the thrill of the chase
And the pace and the grace
But the will just to spill
And to each share the face

The enlightened will know
At the end of the day
The aesthetic effort
The sense the delay

The impression they give
The sensation of soul
The goddess the tenancy
Surely the goal

The great chromosomal
Sharing the DNA
blueprints salvation
Her femininity and her desire
Mixed in a cocktail of maleness and fire

Drawn from this fervour
Thats superimposed
The touch of the witch
That remains unapposed

To reach the reality
Of a child’s eye
The nymph and the damsel
A true butterfly

The power of the proven
The profusion of grace
The females persuasion
The eternal embrace

And all for the taking
Expressively so
Wittingly spoken
By she who does know

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