The river doesn’t want the black snake under it

Since Trump came in
And signed up on Dakota Pipe line,he
Saw their stock rise by 7 a 1/2 per cent
And did agree
There was a time he held a lot
Up to a million but
He divested himself of all of it
NO nothing
For Something in his gut

Said release it so he did that
100000 dollars to TRUMP
To try to help him save
His victory campaigning
That was a clever ploy
570,000 barrels a day
Will bring both joy

Taking this filthy cargo
Through the pipefline will not do
If there is a leak
It will ruin the water
Thats the view

And there are always leaks
Infact they happen every day
In the earth there is often movement
For that is just the way

And fracked oil is a filthy dirty process
The crude oil is like treacle very thick
And so they add these chemicals to thin it down
Imagine those leaking it would make us sick

Fossil fuel really is beyond its sell by date
The water that is wasted and most sensitive people hate
Wind and solar energy are cheaper to produce
But city bank and wells fargo actually do not deduce

Backing all this fracking
and pipe line nonsense they
Are trolls despite their money
and really there is no way
That BIG OIL should get a free for all
they should go to jail

Besides most of this oil
will be exported without fail
If theres a leak
the river will be so polluted by
The shit thats flowing through the pipe
And really that is why

Despite the jobs TRUMP talks about
The pollution when it comes
Will be worse than all the nightmares
And all the indian drums

Will tell all the nations
What will now ensue
TRump is in his white house
And ETP will do

Whatever they want
The gift to TRUMP clearly is like oil
It wheels the rusty heartstrings
Its something that may foil

All the clogging around a bout
To get it back on course
And get fhe robocops in place
With their ultimate force

So ETP invested in TRUMP
And it did pay
Soon as he got the chance
In life he blew the rest away

cobwebs flew every which way
But Kelsey He dud say
With his contribution
It was bound to save the day

DOm Perignon all round I hear
Bubbly up your nose
That will get them thinking
The pipeline I suppose
Is very good for America
And Dakota would agree
Get that black shit flowing
And forever be

Whilst the indigenous
Are crying
at praying in the snow
As jack frost bites their ears off
And tear gas tends to blow

In the faces all of them
Taized too and pepper sprays
And if they are lucky rubber bullets
The latest Dakota phase

TRump expects some gratitude
But actually I feel
The pitilessness thats out there
It just doesn’t feel real

The malefactors and sinners
Blackguards in a way
The debacle now feels awful
And blacker by the day

The contempt the folk are feeling
They have their treaty land
And the so called superority
They fail to understand

The unreliability
The suspiciousness as well
Crooked and corrupt corporations
Who enter straight from hell

They have no moral turpitude
Its profits and that is all
Their chicanery is commonplace
It a bit loke the new wall

Thete is no guilt they are feeling
The misdemeanour there
Is really now intolerable
Bringing its despair

I cannot see people going home
The price they have paid to be
On the front line fighting
For their liberty
They are really stubborn
An unrelenting mob
The security the fighting dogs
And grenades that the do lob

I can feel the agony
I can sense their pain
All of this prayer
Whilst they have been there
Now All this again
The coarseness and perversion
Their morals on the floor
They wouldnt know what was fairness
If it was knocking on the door

There is going to be reaction
There is going really be
A stand off and some blood lost
Put down to illegality
Justice there is little
Incompetance a lot
Misdemeanours clearly
Every one has got

Chastisement it is coming
I can feel it in my bones
More tear gas and more blood loss
All those over tones
Pipe lines carrying fracked oil
Can really never be
Useful in this day and age
Without the integrity

Too many thieves around the place
Their hearts not Of the earth
Not at all conscientious
Ignorant of the worth
Full of self indulgence
Looking after number one
Ego centric and self seeking
And infact undone

What is going to happen
Who knows but i feel
The indigenous wont just walk away
They will try to appeal
To good sense and benevolence
But sadly there is none
And so i feel inside of me
It will come back to the gun

Injuries and deaths maybe
The robo cops are sure
They are going to get their way
There will be a war
Many hearts will bleed i am sure
The corporation they
Have the money to buy what they
Want along the way.

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